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Ding Dong The Bitch Is Toast


Let us pray this plays as it should!

  1. upaces88 permalink
    06/18/2015 03:05

    I love that title!!! “Ding Dong, The Bitch is Toast!”
    I am sooooo glad they are going to court!!!

  2. poetopoet permalink
    06/18/2015 07:46

    The first I have heard of this, great news.

  3. 06/18/2015 09:05

    I stumbled across it last night myself.

  4. 06/18/2015 09:06

    Let us just hope for a conviction to the fullest extent.

  5. poetopoet permalink
    06/18/2015 11:51

    Odd? No one shows it, Drudge BrieghtbartFox etc.

  6. poetopoet permalink
    06/19/2015 05:11

    This is real, but will it happen in time?

    Clinton’s RICO trial: Attorneys fight to obtain evidence from Hillary Clinton

    The public-interest, non-partisan law group that is suing Bill and Hillary Clinton and their Clinton Foundation, listed as a charity, under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act urged a federal court in Florida — that has already set the trial date for January 2016 — to take physical custody of Hillary Clinton’s private email server forthwith before anymore “loss of emails” can occur. The fear is that since the State Department claims it possesses no emails or documents regarding Iranian waivers by her in exchange for donations to her foundation, they may remain on the allegedly “scrubbed” server in Clinton’s home, according to the release of the court document and a news story on Thursday.

    Courtesy of Citizens United/Dave Bossie
    In a supplement titled, “Plaintiff’s Supplement of newly discovered information in support of defendant Hillary Clinton’s computer email file server,” attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch asserts that new relevant information exists that will assist his organization in making its case.

    Klayman’s supplement was attached to copies of a Washington Times report that the Clintons’ suspicious charity had allegedly “set up a fundraising arm in Sweden that collected $26 million in donations at the same time that country was lobbying Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department to forgo sanctions that threatened its thriving business with Iran.”

    Another news story submitted by Klayman, this one from the Miami Herald, reported banks were paying huge fees to Bill Clinton for speeches at a delicate time. The June 2 news story states: “Ten of the world’s biggest financial institutions – including UBS, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs – have hired Bill Clinton numerous times since 2004 to speak for fees totaling more than $6.4 million. Hillary Clinton also has accepted speaking fees from at least one bank. And along with an 11th bank, the French giant BNP Paribas, the financial goliaths also donated as much as $24.9 million to the Clinton Foundation – the family’s global charity set up to tackle causes from the AIDS epidemic in Africa to climate change.”

    “Many of the speeches and donations were made at times when the host banks were under Justice Department scrutiny. … All told, the same 11 banks have paid more than $81 billion – yes, that’s with a B – over the last six years to resolve federal investigations into alleged corruption,” the Herald reporter stated.

    The RICO case by Klayman and his group accuses the Clintons of scheming “to reap hundreds of millions of dollars personally and for their foundation by selling government access and influence.”The server needs to the obtained, Klayman said, because Hillary Clinton used it in place of a required government system for all her emails as secretary of state, and it likely would contain documents pertinent to the allegations, Klayman said.
    While Hillary Clinton has said the drive was wiped clean, Klayman told the federal court that there are processes to recover documents. “The gravamen [essence] of the RICO enterprise consists largely of the two major predicate acts as pled in plaintiff’s amended complaint including defendant Hillary Clinton selling waivers to companies doing business in Iran while secretary of state in exchange for donations for The Clinton Foundation and large speaking fees to her husband and later herself,” the motion states.
    “It is these documents concerning the criminal enterprise which are likely to remain on Hillary Clinton’s personal servers,” Klayman wrote. “In addition, documents concerning another major predicate act involve Hillary Clinton’s release of classified information concerning Israeli war plans.” He explained the details were released and were “designed to thwart an Israeli preemptive strike to damage or destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons capability by revealing Israeli strategic plans to forward base military operations.”
    “This is why the court must take custody of the defendants’ email hard drives to preserve this material evidence,” Klayman wrote. “Defendants, in particular Hillary Clinton, destroyed emails which plaintiff had requested under the Freedom of Information Act, concerning her sale of waivers as secretary of state to do business with the Islamic Republic of Iran and her participation principally in the criminal release of classified government information involving American and Israeli cyber-warfare to destroy or severely cripple Iranian atomic centrifuges and also the release to New York Times reporter David Sanger of classified Israeli war plans to wage a preemptive air attack to eliminate Iranian nuclear facilities,” he said.

  7. 06/19/2015 06:40

    If Hitlery is appointed President, we’re toast.

  8. 06/19/2015 06:40

    Pretty well muted, yes.

  9. 06/19/2015 10:12

    Yes if Hillary becomes Pres we are toast! AND were toast if Obumma does away with term limits with his executive order pen and decides he not leaving!

  10. 06/19/2015 10:16

    I hope she DOES go down! BUT who knows she just may be silenced by Obama Admin before the trial! To keep her quiet!

  11. 06/19/2015 21:13


  12. 06/19/2015 21:15

    Not even that MGMMPOS can do that. That would guaranteed be what it would take for the Congress to do their job. Or…someone.

  13. 06/20/2015 18:01

    well he wouldnt even have to actually use his pen to do away with term limits! Any kind of disaster! National, (election cant be held during war times I understand) A NUKE on American soil! Sharia required! No election! I believe its being plotted! Benghazi in USA on MUCH larger scale! Remember Obummba said we will be a MUSLIM nation by 2016!

  14. 06/20/2015 18:04

    Whats the link to THEIR BLOG???? I WANT TO VISIT IT

  15. poetopoet permalink
    06/20/2015 20:09

    malenurseken The locker or closet you feel comfortable with is big indeed to come here you silly troll.

  16. 06/20/2015 22:56

    Thank you for the compliment to me, but Ken hasn’t shown himself a troll.

  17. 06/20/2015 22:57

    Click the pic, it should take you there.

  18. 06/20/2015 22:58

    There are many of us who might argue that, with extreme prejudice.

  19. 06/21/2015 20:25

    HEY POET AND DIDNT KNOW IT! Please tell me why you call me that, and why you say closet or locker? If you make an accusation tell me why? Because I asked about the blog site ???? HEY I want info and BOTH sides of the story! You dont even know me POET that DIDNT KNOW IT! Im a TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVE! Are you? OR a Liberal Rhino? God Bless The USA! STOP the Socialism thats been coming our way! KNOW IT POET!

  20. 06/21/2015 20:31

    I did listen to wildbillforamerica video! I thought there was a different website not listed here. Thats the one I wanted to visit. I love arguing with those lefty racist idiots!

  21. 06/21/2015 20:32

    sorry Ill quit commenting here. Hope everyone had a good weekend and fathers day to all the fathers out there.

  22. 06/21/2015 20:44

    Ken, you are welcome here anytime. Pay no attention to poe.

  23. 06/21/2015 20:45

    The only problem with those libtards is that they are too stupid to realize 2+2=4, every time. Wanting it to be different will not make it so.

  24. 06/21/2015 20:46

    Sometimes poe goes off on a tangent. Ignore him if he winds you up.

  25. 06/21/2015 21:04

    Im really not too offended. Just dont know why he thought that about me. Im as red blooded CONSERVATIVE as you can be! Ill keep in touch. And upaces88! Keep it up. Your awesome. Love ya

  26. 06/22/2015 01:35

    Brother, feel absolutely free to stay and become.

  27. 06/22/2015 12:48

    I will be back at times. So busy this time of year. Not online to much anymore. But thank you

  28. 06/22/2015 13:00

    Any time, partner.

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