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Amazing how that works


It’s just astonishing how the simplest of answers are so often hidden right under our noses.

  1. poetopoet permalink
    07/08/2015 07:18

    It’s about time, now kick out, or send to jail anyone who helped them stay, public or private.

  2. 07/08/2015 07:25


  3. 07/11/2015 07:07

    Yeah it’s funny how when you start deporting members of an unassimilable supremacist ideology how that positively affects the comity and livability of your society.

    That being said perhaps if Norway in particular and Europe and the west weren’t in demographic free fall with particularly expensive Ponzi inspired welfare states with a Gaia fetish they wouldn’t be seeking to import a more fecund people to try and fund it. The best way to avoid this bullcrap is to observe reality and not let them in in the first place. But.. you know.. other peoples money and all that.

    These supposedly best and brightest honestly thought that they could import such a virulent atavistic strain of humanity and that those people were going to fund la dolce vita for them. Again explain to me how these people are the brightest people in the room? Oh that’s right that’s THEIR claim. Of course looking at the world as it is there is no empirical evidence to support it. But then again we all know that the left isn’t about reality but their their own warped Utopia.

    Meanwhile the same type of “geniuses” are busy aiding and abetting a similar. if orders of magnitude, more serious invasion here. The elite of the ruling class stand up and blow smoke up our asses that allowing and not deporting uneducated, menial laborers who must be supplemented by the taxpayer(not to mention the citizens they undercut from getting jobs that we have to support with welfare) is for our own good, or out of love or , racist xenophobic nativist or whatever other outright lie they are trotting out today to try and demagogue us into compliance.

    This is why Trump is a danger to them. He has put out the plain fact that if you are here and eating you are a criminal. This is too much for “good” men such as Mitten Romney and Jeb Arbusto as they lie about what Trump has said and set their one legged straw men afire. Both are long in compassion for these invaders and short on compassion for the taxpayer who they would have fund their moral vanity. Meanwhile the rest of the Establishcans rush out and embrace the dishonesty of these to “pillars of rectitude” (with the notable exception of Ted Cruz).

    Of course they can’t because they are all beholden to cronyists and rent seekers who wish to profit at our expense.

    Meanwhile the ruling junta expects us to follow the recent bastardized fabrications of law pertaining to Obamacare, gay couplings(it isn’t marriage) and affirmative action by SCOTUS as immutable law while they violate the clear intent of congress and not only ignore but fund cities who openly flaunt the will of congress under the dubious premise of prosecutorial discretion mostly on the grounds if insufficient. Of course they would actually have the funds to administer one of their core responsibilities i.e protect the American people from invasion by a foreign power it they weren’t so busy usurping rights and privileges of the American people by executive fiat , risible legal opinions and treating God fearing taxpaying Americans as the enemy.

    And that really is the crux of the matter. Americans as they are supposed to be, independent and self sufficient, are the enemy of a government whose prime product is control. They need to ensnare you either in the misery of state support or fear of violating the opaque and impenetrable laws of regulations that seek to make criminals of us all and when they didn’t get that they imported “super” citizens who cannot be touched lest we make them angry.

    I think they better reconsider who they don’t want to make angry

  4. poetopoet permalink
    07/11/2015 08:37

    Never bite the hand that feeds you and includes them that tax and spend, declaring laws law that no one voted for.

  5. 07/12/2015 19:49

    Indeed. Very bad idea. As I recall, Congress makes the law, SCOTUS simply applies it.

  6. 07/12/2015 19:49

    Excellent words, my friend.

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