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Dhimmitude: Empire State Building Towers Illuminated in Green for Eid


How dare they? If they had to light the building, how about Red, White, and Blue? This PC BS will be our death. Of course, that’s why it was invented in the USSR way back when, to give a tool to do just that.

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screenshot empire state building tower lights go green for EID

Last night, less than 48 hours after a jihadist killed four Marines and one police officer[i],the Empire State Building illuminated its towers in the color of green for the three-day celebration Muslim of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan.

According to an ESB spokesperson, this is not the first lighting of what somewhere along the line has been designated a “tradition” by the ESB’s Progressive and extremely political owners. (Suggested reading: Empire State Building Owners Donate Heavily To, Owned By Democrats)

Clearly, it never occurred to the owners of ESB to cancel last night’s lighting, tradition or not in light of Thursday’s Chattanooga Islamic terrorist attack. Priorities, you know. (sarcasm)

This is one of those moments when advocates political correctness which is selective and always on the wrong side of things deserves a good kick in the rear.

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