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Be reminded of their lies so far, prepare for more


  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/21/2015 18:03

    I like him.

    So much basic common sense and decency in a short video. To put the cherry on top, he’s as seditious as any of us.

    I love my country, but I fear my government. Government abuse of individual rights and the legal structures that have maintained us for over two centuries, has reached the point where discussing armed rebellion against the usurpers is no longer irrational.

    Obama has divided us when he could have been a great statesman. He no longer has the moral authority to govern. Our strength has always been our unity even though we are diverse, Obama has systematically divided us on racial, economic and social lines. I do not recognize him as my President, except in the strictest legal sense (enforced at gun point). He may send men with guns to enforce his will, that is what dictators do when their regime is threatened.

    Having said that, how long now before I get a knock on my door by a man carrying a badge and just wanting to “ask a few questions”?

  2. poetopoet permalink
    07/21/2015 19:48

    Dr. Jeff you captured what the hell is going on, now what to do with our elected officials?

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/22/2015 03:05

    The situation with the politicians of both parties is obvious. Most are somewhere between worthless and dangerous.

    Potentially more dangerous are the political appointees and the people they have hired and promoted within the government. Consider the whole alphabet soup: NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, DoE, Post Office, Social Security and Census for starters, there are plenty more you could add.

    Did you catch the new national data base Obama is building? It’s greater than anything the KGB ever had. Here’s a link to the New York Post article about it. Read the details, it’s about a lot more than race. The data they’re collecting goes all the way to your credit cards.

    Back in the 1950’s, we had a huge problem with the Communists who got in via the Roosevelt admin. Compared to Obama’s work of the last 6 years, they were relatively small in number and very careful about the moves they made. Between the Islamists, Communists, Socialists and the general America haters that he’s put in position, the Commies of the 50’s were a mosquito bite.

    What kind of purge will we need to deal with Obama’s appointed and planted henchmen?

    The funny part is that I still have some hope for a peaceful return to America as we knew it. I know that’s probably unrealistic, still, it’s something I hope for.

  4. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    07/22/2015 03:51

    “The funny part is that I still have some hope for a peaceful return to America as we knew it. I know that’s probably unrealistic, still, it’s something I hope for.”

    Dr. Jeff that is what keeps me going. I know, and know of, so, so, so many good people.

    I will say, this latest on Planned Parenthood has only renewed my already very clear understanding that nothing short of EVIL is working very, very hard to destroy this country and this world.

  5. poetopoet permalink
    07/22/2015 04:40

    Good God; the Raping of America as the Rape of Nanking 1937-1938 will seam innocent! The Muslims and Blacks, yes Blacks, for their carnage of Americans of every race and greed will take less time.

    The Muslims brag and boast about “Death to America” while signing a Nuclear Peace Treaty by an illegal alien black-man called Obama, what an oxymoron.

    Only the Patriotic American gun owners will prevail but in such small numbers they will not matter, when every city and town are controlled or destroyed by them, no news, no papers and no communications or utility service of any kind.

    The Muslim and Black revenge upon America will make Japans Rape of Nanking China make China come here defeat them for America has a very large Chinese population; China will not allow another massacre of their people. China will kill every Muslim and Black on American soil for that matter around the world.

    American patriots will rejoice and follow and hail the Yellow Race as gods. I hope we do survive but not likely.

  6. 07/22/2015 06:07

    All good comments. McCarthy was right, we know that. But they were patient, and we are paying for not having listened.

  7. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/22/2015 06:58

    Seriously, check the link to the NY Post article. Read the details. This new data base could be a nightmare on several levels.

  8. 07/22/2015 09:54

    I gave up hope long ago for a non-violent return to civilized America. Not. Going. To. Happen. They are not going to stop until forced to do so with violence. It is how these things are done, proven over and over again by history. This political experiment has reached the end of its life cycle. The good news is that we can do better. We can take the premises of the founders (checks and balances) and improve upon them. We can tighten up the constitution and eliminate any ambiguities that require endless legal interpretations. We can eliminate things, like judges appointed to the bench for a life time, imposing strict term and dynastic limits for those that want to “serve.” We can eliminate congressional legalized insider trading. etc. etc. America a possibility, but it will not be possible until the violence is over. Understand that the # 2 Democratic Candidate for Presidency is a open SOCIALIST. Number effing 2! We are a nation founded on Capitalism as a Democratic Republic. How can there even be a consideration for a leader that is openly against the base premise of our nations economy? (rhetorical) That we are in the midst of such circumstance tells me everything I need to know about where this is heading. So I have no hope, nor will I entertain any. What I will do is teach my children well and be prepared to act when the time comes to support those that will fight and defend our FREEDOM. Because make no bones about it, that is what this fight will be about.


  9. 07/22/2015 18:07

    First let me address the confederate battle flag issue.

    Regardless of how it is used it has come to symbolize some of the darker moments in American history from slavery until it was resurrected by the rat bastard Fritz Hollings to show defiance of racial equality in support of the execrable rubric of Jim Crow. It makes a convenient target for the dishonest left to change the subject in their “hey… look.. its a squirrel fashion”. It becomes a distraction that envelopes the feeble minded to where we are talking about symbols instead of actual harm being done and who is and has caused that harm.

    It is the left and their acolytes who have caused this harm. They create the toxic culture we live in with their lawless depravity and total disdain for the live and well being of anyone outside their malignant clique. It is the left that epitomizes hypocrisy as they eternally try and re-invent the purpose and history of the socialism the worship: an ideology that not only enslaves but killed orders of magnitude more people than the confederate battle flag can be blamed for.

    It is the left that has used a false premise of “the living constitution” a sophistry that has no grounding in history and an interpretive theory that has no basis in logic or law. The constitution is a straight forward document that spells out the general game plan and clearly sets out what the federal government can do. The bill of rights is an admonition that regardless of the federal governments express powers they have no authority to infringe on the basic natural rights that inure to each sovereign individual. This intent has been bastardized almost from the beginning but has picked up speed with the advent of groups of willful frauds that preach populism but practice the exact opposite.

    The left does not trust the rabble to make the right decisions or use their God given rights in a manner approved by the evil bien pensant. Thus they turn to their elitist friends on supposedly learned tribunals to impose their twisted dreams and try to pass it off as wisdom always with the preamble of “yes, but…” . They base their desires on a false premise: that they are wiser and that their actions are righteous. As results of their hubris turns their ledger
    more and more red the idea of their infallibilty and goodwill cannot help but founder on the rocks of reality.

    Which bring us back to the Confederate battle flag. Yes, it has a bad history but good people have decided to pick up and rehabilitate its meaning to demonstrate a sense of honor and faith based pride. They choose to rehabilitate this symbol and try to make it a positive. But this is blasted by the hypocrites on the left(and some of their pseudo conservative sock puppets) who sit there in their high dudgeon as they try and rehabilitate and impose a mode of society that tolerates no liberty, brooks no dissent, ghoulishly devalues life to mere spare parts, enslaves the productive to the indolent, honors the invader over the citizen, prefers the liar to the truth teller and for all intents extols evil over good.

    John Adams once said out constitution is designed for a moral and religious people and was wholly suited for anything less.

    Does anyone now in charge display such virtue?

  10. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/22/2015 22:42

    OK, next step: Form a government in exile.

    I want the State Department or the Department of Justice, Chris can handle the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, where do the rest fit?

  11. 07/22/2015 22:44


  12. 07/22/2015 22:45

    No, they do not. No one in this current regime falls within that spectrum.

  13. 07/22/2015 22:46

    Good rant, my brother. Excellent.

  14. 07/22/2015 22:47

    No doubt, and it’s intentional.


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