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It’s not the color, it’s the content


I don’t care what someone’s skin tone is. I have no idea how many times I’ve said that. All I care about is intelligence and attitude. This man would have been worth a damn, if it “had to be a black man”, he would have been a positive example for “the race”. Oh, but wait, he would have been far more of an “Uncle Tom mahfah”, and the racists on that side wouldn’t have accepted him because he be’s an Oreo. Bullshit. This man is a Patriot, and a Leader.

  1. Father Paul Lemmen permalink
    07/24/2015 09:42

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. poetopoet permalink
    07/24/2015 11:37

    He sure is a patriot.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/24/2015 14:26

    Very simple, he runs for President, I vote for him. I’d even feel good about it too!

  4. 07/24/2015 14:43


  5. 07/24/2015 14:43

    Man is incredible.

  6. 07/24/2015 14:43

    Glad you liked it, Father.

  7. upaces88 permalink
    07/25/2015 01:41

    This man is brilliant. He loves our country and I would vote for him everyday if I could.

  8. 07/25/2015 02:22

    If we had such a Patriot leader, oh yes.

  9. 07/25/2015 04:54

    West is the personification of a leader and if we lived in a just world he would have had the accolades as the first black President.

    No wait he wouldn’t have as the dishonest media would have done every thing they could to smear and demean him.

    This is a man who put his career and freedom at risk for the sake of his mission and his men. Obama wouldn’t risk a pimple on his ass for this country and as we all have known and have had verified a multitude of times would side with our enemies in some twisted perversion of “justice”. The final sellout is he has obligated us not to leave the savages alone but to positively defend their nuclear facilities against attack and sabotage.


    If that rat bastard McConnell had a fucking ounce of testosterone he would call this betrayal what it is. And since it presumes to impose legal obligations like DEFENDING THE LEADERS OF A SAVAGE DEATH CULT’S NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM’s INFRASTRUCTURE it should be declared a treaty. Put it out for a vote so we can see on record the treachery infested in the so called Democrat party.

    Next Droopy Boehner needs to draw up articles of impeachment for Obama, Kerry and every other political appointee that so much as got coffee on this deal as it allies us with murderer of our soldiers and kidnappers of our citizens. Let the vote show who will be on the side of the vermin who sold us out to the murdering muslim savages.

    I don’t think we can wait another 17 months especially with the very good chance that our vile country men, you know the ones who put Obama in office twice and think the rule of law dance to their tune, might be able to drag that shit encrusted hag Hilary! across the finish line.

  10. poetopoet permalink
    07/25/2015 06:17

    He is the exception for sure but is this a Muslim religious right of intimidation by a black intimidator? Yes, it is an outright fraud upon gullible Americans!

    Meaning how does Barry Soetoro the legally adopted child of Lulu Soetoro live and be educated, become a citizen of Indonesia then become a student at Columbia U. in the U.S.A. as Barry Soetoro? Then he becomes Barrack Hussein Obama again, with no paper trail or trial.

    He claimed to be born in Kenya in his own biography or wherever without a single document to confirm or deny who or what he is sexually, politically and religiously, and in the rambling of three fictitious books. Now, legally that is proven to be an outright fraud/photo-shopped document.

    Talk about the King has no Cloths or the Prince and Pauper; this guy Obama is just a two-bit hustler with the help of other hustlers became a president. Who are about to end the world by aiding and abetting a daily sworn enemy of America, Iran, psychiatry has a word for them, sociopaths!

    Iran who claims to be a religion of peace, the gullible believe, also claims it will wipe Israel off the face of this earth and destroy the Great Satan America, that is full of morons and the gullible that deny Iran will do it.

    The End.

  11. Father Paul Lemmen permalink
    07/25/2015 07:46

    I like a lot of things you post. Sorry I have been remiss lately in reposting. Now that my health issues are addressed I can return to regular operations for a bit … until ,y Archbishop decides to transfer me at least!

  12. poetopoet permalink
    07/25/2015 08:42

    Father may I ask you are you Melkite?

    Of the three geniuses I have known, one was Father Joe Dager, in Methuen Mass.

  13. Father Paul Lemmen permalink
    07/25/2015 08:47

    Orthodox. Originally Syrian, I have changed jurisdiction to a Pan-Orthodox jurisdiction here in the USA.

  14. poetopoet permalink
    07/25/2015 08:47

    Father by the way stay well, and stop undressing your ills, you know they will just come back address you again. (I hope and pray you have a good sense of humor.)

  15. Father Paul Lemmen permalink
    07/25/2015 08:55

    Also, I am humbled that you even mention me in a comment with geniuses. I am but a simple sinner whose narrow road of redemption led me back to the Orthodox Priesthood I had abandoned a decade ago.

  16. poetopoet permalink
    07/25/2015 09:21

    Father you are in Good Company here.

  17. 07/25/2015 10:33

    Good you’re back, Father.

  18. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/25/2015 15:11

    Syrian Orthodox? A Syrian friend once invited me to the Baptism of his daughter in a Syrian Orthodox church. The people had very good hearts.

  19. poetopoet permalink
    07/25/2015 16:20

    Most Catholics are of course.

  20. 07/26/2015 09:59

    In most cases, it is the emplaced leadership that is the problem.

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