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TOO COOL!!!!! I grabbed the 50 song mix!!!!



Well, shit. This was supposed to be the first song on that playlist:

To get the rest, click the little box on the top left of the screen that tells you “this video does not exist”. Obviously it does. It starts on the top screen at the second song. I was playing it over on YT, but they decided to be silly if you did the copy/paste thing.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    07/24/2015 22:04

    David Allen Coe confederate anthem

  2. 07/25/2015 02:24

    This man is genius!

  3. upaces88 permalink
    07/25/2015 02:30

    I was an adult before the family secret was told to me (Texas).
    There were two brothers. One fought for the North and the Other the South.
    They both lived through it.
    After the war they both came home. They’d sit on the front porch together after their chores were done on the farm. They never spoke of the war.

  4. upaces88 permalink
    07/25/2015 02:36

    Of course, this is my very favorite of all time. I STILL get chills all over my body.
    Elvis Presley – An American Trilogy ( Live Hawaii ) ( Best Viwed in 1080p HD )

  5. 07/25/2015 03:06


  6. upaces88 permalink
    07/25/2015 03:23

    I had a renter who just left a few days ago.
    I was listening to Elvis’ Trilogy (Hawaii) and he banged on my door.
    “GD Elaine, I can her that from the other end of the house. You are just like my daddy, it is like a damn prayer before you go to bed at night!!

    Glad he left ! lol

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