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Outlaw Country, best ever


  1. upaces88 permalink
    07/25/2015 02:50

    Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, George Jone-Country Music’s Most Shocking. Full Episode

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    07/25/2015 02:51

    Unless it gets better, delete the above.

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    07/25/2015 02:52

    Delete that one.

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    07/25/2015 02:56

    David Allan Coe-You Never Even Called Me By My Name

  5. upaces88 permalink
    07/25/2015 03:09

    Do you remember when Willie Nelson owed a HUGE amount of taxes to the IRS; and he couldn’t pay it?

    His fans paid it for him.

  6. upaces88 permalink
    07/25/2015 03:13

    This is the middle of the article:
    Nelson’s tax troubles are almost as legendary as his career. After a lengthy investigation, Nelson was hit with a staggering multi-million tax bill. It was one of the largest individual federal income tax bills ever generated by the IRS at the time. The debt, which was figured to be $16.7 million together with interest and penalty, was negotiated to a mere $6 million by Nelson’s lawyer, Jay Goldberg. There was just one big problem: Nelson didn’t have the money to pay off the negotiated debt. So he didn’t.

    On November 9, 1990, the feds raided Nelson’s home, taking everything he owned. Everything that is, except, Trigger. Trigger was Nelson’s favorite guitar which he had his daughter, Lana, take out of his home in anticipation of the raid. “As long as I got my guitar,” Willie Nelson said, “I’ll be fine.”

    It turns out he was right. Nelson did lose nearly everything (except Trigger) in the raid, including his Pedernales Country Club and Recording Studio; his Dripping Springs ranch; twenty other properties in four states; and most of his instruments, recordings and memorabilia. But it wasn’t all bad: friends and fans came to the rescue, with fundraisers and efforts to buy back his property – including his home – for him.

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