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Roger that, I’m on the market


In fact, in the market. The female must be into guns, motorcycles, nudity. And moderately intellectual. Spontaneous sex, shit, be a biker chick. My divorce got done yesterday, and I am on the market.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    08/13/2015 03:00

    Good luck, been there done that. Stay away from redheads, they’re dangerous, lots of fun, but dangerous.

  2. 08/13/2015 09:23

    😆 Been there, done that.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    08/13/2015 09:59

    I am venting!

    On May 14, 2014 as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stated: “It was a great privilege when I was told that I would receive this award,” from the Planned Parenthood, highest Margaret Sanger achievement award.

    I ask you, where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that the U.S. Supreme Court can make or enforce laws and impose taxes that are the sole responsibility of The U.S. Congress, as written in the U.S. Constitution?

    When the S.C. declares Obama Care aka ACA a tax and abortion a woman’s right at any term or time to abort/kill their baby a law? I state, it absolutely does not state it a right!

    The Supreme Court should have remanded those cases back to the lower state courts or congress for clarification, not turn and enact them into law or taxes! It is not their right or power to enact laws and taxes in any form; they have no right to do constitutionally!

    Our founding fathers never envisioned, as any sane citizen the macabre harvesting of infant human body parts for sale, be they of Black or White babies, by the PP aka Planned Parenthood. The PP baby body and part list be legal or they not taxed for baby parts as profit? Good God unless they are by Lois Lerner IRS type of irregular book keeping?

    When PP are paid by U.S. Tax payers five hundred million dollars $500,000,000.00 plus a year to commit the killing aka abortions of mostly Black not White babies, supported by only one party the Democratic Party, their Black Caucus and Hillary Clinton. Can it be called Black Democratic racist genocide?

    Was it, for you and our foundering fathers impossible to find it or imagine it or even comprehend that Planned Parenthood Frankenstein practice to be a legal common practice?

    Hillary Clinton’s “Blind Eye” in this one quote stated by being “Dead Broke” that no wonder she is a pro-abortion and infant body part advocate for Planned Parenthood, with their backdoor donations to her and Bills tax exempt Foundation, as in Happy Days are Here Again, for them.
    These are just seven Progressive Democrat PC quotes from Margaret Sanger and her on demand butcher Infant Body Part Company aka PP has devolved to. That includes the selling of baby human remains as mere cuts of meat or parts, be they as if animals sacrificed, not once living human babies torn apart for sale, for doctor Frankenstein typo experiments!
    They the PP state and adhere to; that at any age or term it is a woman’s right to abort, kill and mutilate their own flesh and blood, knowing they may profit without consent from their patients body part baby! Sanger’s abortion clinics are called Planned Parenthood that gave Hillary their highest award for Clintons support, and she accepted it as a “privilege”.
    Does Hillary Clinton also agree to the sale of baby body parts as long as she got her prime cut, as in doe-ray-me $ payoffs, that she and Bill were Dead Broke foundation wise?
    1, Sanger: “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro (Black) population.” Fact, fifty % of all abortions in New Your City in 2014 where willing blacks (Negro), and neither does the Democratic Party want you or Blacks (Negro) and their Black Caucus want you to know that fact.
    2, Sanger: “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan.” Was it because they also hated Blacks (Negro), Jews and Catholics?
    3, Sanger: “They are…human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning…human beings who never should have been born.” “Immigrants and the poor”! Be they all Hispanic and Black (Negro)?
    4, Sanger: “Birth control is nothing more or less than…weeding out the unfit.”
    The “less fit” Black-Negro, for the fit PP in order to produce a “cleaner race” and less black. The Clintons see fit just to use Round-Up aka PP on them, being White Southern Cracker Racist themselves, for profit!
    5, Sanger: “Human beings who never should have been born at all.”
    Sanger’s eugenics’ cause and effect eliminates persons, minorities, the sick, the disabled, through sterilization, segregation and pro-abortion, they say as Sanger said to and agreed with A. Hitler.
    6, Sanger: “I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world.”
    Sanger advocated “become necessary to establish a system of birth permits.” Today, some try to call it White Privilege; never what Muslim Law prohibits and will stone a woman to death for!
    7, Sanger: “But for my view, I believe that there should be no more babies.”
    Sanger’s theory was called anti-social, and she replied: “On the contrary. It seems to me that it is more practical and humane.” That is to abort and mutilate live babies and sell their dead and broken non-human body parts to the highest bidder for how much Planned Parenthood?

    Are the White/Black and Hispanic abortion patients, who gave and paid Planned Parenthood Five Hundred Million U.S. Dollars in 2014 for their abortion services innocent?

    Did Planed Parenthood profit another two billion in their unreported aborted baby body parts to fix and acquire their Lamborghinis, (expensive life styles) for their demonic democrat votes too!

    Is that condescending and comforting enough for anyone to vote for them, pig?

  4. 08/13/2015 11:32

    Good luck with launching your product on the market. Hope the initial public offering goes well.

  5. 08/13/2015 11:59

    LOL! As do I.

  6. 08/13/2015 12:00

    The very fact that Hitlery is so rewarded by the Sanger thing should tell everyone everything they need to know.

  7. poetopoet permalink
    08/13/2015 13:30

    There was a woman on last nights news Fox, in her 40-50 that denied the videos and Fox news, she was unbelievable with her support for the PP.

  8. 08/13/2015 13:35

    “Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ damn eyes?”

  9. poetopoet permalink
    08/13/2015 13:40

    As long and as big it is, that it is not private offering, for you may have to put the brakes on it and get a nasty road rash, Chris.

  10. poetopoet permalink
    08/13/2015 13:43

    I think she stared in What’s Behind the Green Door (Old porn movie).

  11. 08/13/2015 15:27

    Remember it well.

  12. 08/13/2015 15:28


  13. 08/13/2015 16:41

    Dr Jeff says:

    “Stay away from redheads, they’re dangerous, lots of fun, but dangerous.”

    Been married to one for almost 30 years. There is much truth in what you say.

  14. upaces88 permalink
    08/13/2015 20:46

    Everyone…men and women ALWAYS put their best foot forward in the beginning.

    Don’t marry them….just live with them for a long time to find out who the “really are!”

    I have been married 3 times …they just do NOT who their true selves until AFTER you are married.
    I lived happily with the love of my life without marriage until the day he died.

  15. poetopoet permalink
    08/13/2015 21:18

    88, I agree with you, sorry to hear of your love’s lost.

  16. upaces88 permalink
    08/13/2015 21:21

    You’d be surprised….a deep, abiding love like that…even though he died, has lasted me a lifetime.
    Believe me! He was NOT perfect. Me either…Our imperfections ? We made an an agreement on somethings to Agree to Disagree and let it go at that.

  17. 08/13/2015 22:16

    I had hope, it failed.

  18. upaces88 permalink
    08/13/2015 22:18

    My heart hurts for you….I do know how that feels.
    You have sweet dreams tonight…I m headed to bed.

  19. upaces88 permalink
    08/13/2015 22:20

    I can’t remember who said this.
    “Love is like a butterfly. It will light softly on your shoulder.”

    You have sweet dreams. I am headed off to bed.

  20. 08/13/2015 22:21

    Good night, sleep well.

  21. 08/13/2015 22:35


  22. poetopoet permalink
    08/14/2015 07:15

    Seen to Soon

    What is complicated, what is loved
    the destiny two endure to survive
    in an age of incitement matured.

    A dress, a suit, now worn out
    that longer fits you properly
    love turns its blind eye on.

    Glass eyes are prescriptions
    now different, now so far apart
    that a second pair are necessary.

  23. 08/15/2015 00:42

    Beautiful, eclectic. Outstanding.

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