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Amazing how that works, huh


Yeah, hmmmmmm…

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    08/18/2015 23:38

    Sorry Chris, the ones where I actually know something about the technology, Starlite and the 100 mpg carburetor, can’t exist. In my last regular job, I spent almost 10 years dealing with ceramics and exotic alloys (How many guys you know with a set of titanium fireplace tools and titanium ashtrays? Me for one.). Prior to that I was a dirt track racer and later did R&D projects for Ford and Chrysler.

    In the case of Starlite, it doesn’t say how thick the coating on the eggs was, but as a certainty, by 18,000^F ANY solid material is vaporized.

    The trick carb section gave itself away with the mention of heating requirements for the fuel. Pretty much all the car companies experimented with systems to vaporize gasoline to create a perfect air fuel mixture back in the 70’s. Later it was found that tiny droplets of gasoline actually produced the most efficient burn. Think of it similarly to the deterrent coatings used on smokeless powder. More recently, direct injection and very high compression ratios have yielded excellent results. The direct injection still utilizes fuel droplets as opposed to fuel vapor.

  2. 08/19/2015 06:06

    Best I could figure from the description, that carburetor was fuel injection. The Starlite stuff seemed a bit far fetched as well. But the “amazing” part was the deaths of the inventors who could well have had something far advanced over what was in use at the time.

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