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Elitists GOP Pundits Call Breitbart, Trump Supporters Low Information Voters, Stupid


Found this over at BPI, went to the original to read the rest, and told Puma I was going to reblog this as well! This is brilliant! And I don’t think the GOP Elite realize how this is going to piss us off.

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screenshot cheri jacobus,

The Republican Party leadership by way of its pundits has sunk to a new low, as if that could ever be.

Since the Republican Party leadership failed miserably at destroying Donald Trump, its sock puppets aka GOP pundits have taken to the bully pulpit to rein hell fire down upon the Conservative base, starting with Trump supporters.

Taking a page out of Rules for Radicals, long time GOP establishment pundit, Cheri Jacobus, unleashed a nasty attack against Breitbart’s John Nolte and Conservative voters who support Donald Trump labeling Trump supporters low information voters and stupid.

Jacobus who is the third GOP strategist to attack the Republican Party base in the past three (3) days using the same across the board talking points, has been in the business for three decades and while a valuable asset for the GOP leadership is meaningless to the American voter. (sarcasm)

Orange County Tea…

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  1. 08/18/2015 16:23

    Thanks for the re-post. The GOP establishment is disgusting. They’re strategists who are as out of touch as the leadership itself has got a lot of nerve thinking that they could whip Republican voters into submission.

    And that scoundrel Rick Wilson is on a roll, attacking Ann Coulter. I believe the leadership is attempting to distract us from their nefarious agenda.

  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    08/18/2015 17:15

    None of the political establishment wants to realize just what is happening in the streets. We, the People have been lied to, pushed around and ignored for years. Whether it is practical or not Trump is saying exactly what the People want to hear – solid pro American policies without apology. That’s all Americans by-the-way, not just carefully selected groups to be given more rights than the rest of us.

    Even here in Southern California, the message is spreading, even among Black and Hispanic people. The stench of political corruption and the destructive effect it has on our communities is finally penetrating the Kool Aide they’ve been fed for decades. Check these videos from Breitbart and be sure to follow the links to read the extended interviews.

    The majority isn’t silent, the government is willfully deaf.

    We WILL take back our country.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    08/18/2015 20:16

    How soon they forget who voted them in….then the “real person” shows his/her ugly colors.

  4. 08/18/2015 21:07

    Power corrupts, etc.

  5. upaces88 permalink
    08/18/2015 21:09

    What is that old saying, “Absolute Power Corrupts ABSOLUTELY!”

  6. 08/18/2015 21:11

    Either we do, or we die.

  7. 08/18/2015 21:13

    They may actually have had the best of intentions while they were running. Then they get there…

  8. 08/18/2015 21:15

    That’s the one.

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