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Good tune, I like this one


  1. poetopoet permalink
    09/13/2015 04:40

    Alas, if it was only true.

  2. 09/13/2015 06:31

    Still a good song.

  3. 09/14/2015 08:56

    Dats RACISS! Tim is appropriating another’s culture for profit!

    Counter Argument……. What if Tim “identifies” as an Indian Outlaw? What if he decided he wanted to be called “Big Chief Tim”

    Hell, Im surprised youtube even let that one stay up….

    ** Of course you know Im just being a sarcastic arsehole** It is a fun tune.

  4. 09/14/2015 09:55

    Yeah, I was also going to put up “Cherokee People”, just haven’t yet.

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