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This kid is very good


Hard core right wing black kid. Gotta love it!

  1. 09/20/2015 04:47

    I hate to break the news kid, but Obama’s priorities are whatever diminishes and impoverishes the United States. His priorities are to break down so-called bourgeoisie(middle class) values and replace them with the destructive behavior of dependence and libertinism. It is his priority to establish a gender and racial caste system in much the manner of the apartheid regime was set up in South Africa.

    But mostly, kid, it is his priority to punish the United States for being the freest, most affluent and fairest country ever to grace the earth without taking the advice from the self anointed geniuses, like himself, who have more or less hollowed and destroyed the rest of western civilization with their critical theory, social justice and moral equivalence of our misdemeanors to more brutal societies felonies(thanks Dr Hanson).

    This is something he and his criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party have been doing for over one hundred years as they have been at war with America the free because free people are harder to control and stand in the way of them assuaging their conceit, the conceit that they can run your life better than you can. The conceit that they care more even though their ideas have done nothing to alleviate poverty or mitigate social division and in fact have exacerbated both.

    So to conclude Obama and his hacks aren’t incompetent. They aren’t stupid. They aren’t misguided. They aren’t ignorant, except in the sense of good manners. They are willful. They are dishonest. They are lawless. They are nihilistic. They are arrogant. They are conceited.They are evil. They don’t care that their ideas haven’t worked, don’t work and never can work. They know this and pursue them anyway because they driving force is their ego and self image.

    They are at war with us. Its about time we stopped sugar coating it. I’m glad this young fellow has at least some idea that Obama is not what he is portrayed as. But even stupid people get one right by accident. To create what we have now malicious intent and diligence are needed.

    The current political class are just that.

  2. 09/20/2015 04:59

    He is correct about the race baiter in chief being using the timing device incident to feed his and the elite’s islamophobanoia. This was clearly more of the zero tolerance nonsense those oh so brilliant teachers have come up with so we can’t see their individual inability to discern right or wrong.

    It is another dishonest plank in building the potemkin edifice of islamophobia by a man who is clearly on the the side of those who wish us dead.

    The joint chiefs owe their allegiance to the constitution not the president. He is openly spreading Islamist propaganda at the request of CAIR, a known terrorist mouthpiece and a group that was allowed access into the government, by the traitor Obama.

    It is time he was marched out of the oval office for giving material support to terrorists. I can give you 150 billion pieces of evidence, evidence that that horse face moron secretary of state even admitted to. But of course horse face has been consistently betraying this country for over 40 years.

    No wonder he an Obama get along so well.

  3. 09/20/2015 07:43

    Roger that, my friend. You can’t screw up this badly by accident.

  4. 09/20/2015 07:46

    And there is an interesting question: Why wasn’t JF’inK treated to the same as that forebear by the same initials?

  5. 09/20/2015 09:29

    He got out of Vietnam before the right thinking sailors in his command could frag his self serving disloyal ass.

    Kerry long ago showed his traitorous bona fides and has supplemented them daily with the apex being giving nuclear weapons to millenarian religious nut jobs with a hard on for destroying civilized society.

    But their in lies the rub. Kerru, Obama and the NDSWP get the same kind of arousal when as they have the same exact goal.

  6. 09/20/2015 23:19


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