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Did you note how an article was linked in the last post?


This article right here.

Please explain to me how the gimme group was able to put an enemy of the nation in power, how it was not physically removed prior to even running, much less taking office, in the first place. Please try.

I’m waiting.

Anyway, a bit from that to make you go look at it:


1 – his father was a muslim, and he titled his memoir “Dreams from my father’.

2 – his Indonesian step-father was a muslim.

3 – his step-father sent Barack to a madrassa for his primary education.

4 – his roommates in college were muslims.

5 – the first country he ever visited was not Indonesia where he spent his childhood, or Kenya where his supposed biological father was from, and not a country in Europe such as Netherlands where he might indulge in pot-smoking (his favorite activity in high school), but Pakistan a muslim nation.

6 – he didn’t become a Christian until after moving to Chicago, and then converted in a church whose pastor was antizionist black liberationist Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Despite being a member of this church for decades, Obama was forced to deny he had ever listened to any of Wright’s controversial sermons, one of which famously said that the USA deserved 9/11.

7 – his first major foreign policy speech was delivered in Cairo, and he demanded long-time ally Mubarak allow members of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend.

8 – Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt, and still hasn’t restored full aid to the anti-islamist al Sissi regime.

9 – he overthrew Kadafy – who was an ally in the war against radical islam at the time – and basically handed Libya to the islamists.

10 – he drew a line in the sand regarding Assad’s use of WMD, and then promptly forgot it – sending a message that he would not intervene at all and would let the islamists and the Iranians have their way.

11 – he ignored advise from his Sec Def Panetta and the JCOS and withdrew all USA troops from Iraq creating the vacuum for ISIS.

12 – he attacked Israel for building apartments in Jerusalem.

Oh, there’s more. There are 20, and there is comment by said author beyond that. Well worth reading.
  1. poetopoet permalink
    09/28/2015 06:01

    Related I think!

    Hillary Clinton is now an inconvenient liar and Old Fuzz-Ball, as a half arse union girl is no longer a stand-up anything, but a butt joke! Hillary has also stated that the GOP is: “out of touch and out of date,” and would bring the country “back to, you know, where we were decades ago.”, O really Hillary!

    That means democrats like her are “out of touch” aka mentally ill, I suppose? While decades ago the country was trying to impeach her Billy boy for fornicating with a 17 year old White House blow-bye Page-Girl called Monaca Lewinski for years of “if” he did or “did not have sex” with that woman or other women, who flew Lewinski to sit in on NATO meetings to brag to generals about it!

    Hillary claims she knew nothing about it and all the other female rapes and sexual exploits of Bill? Yet she protected Billy boy in and out of the White House, and defended him as she slept by his side decades ago, as today!

    Yes, Hillary is qualified to defend Billy boy and that is all, at 71 she still will be an Old Dirt Bag and no Lady in Wait, let alone a presidential material girl in 2016! Hillary said she was “Dead Broke” with her $2,000,000,000.00 Billion dollar Trust Foundation, given and acquired by foreign despots as double talk speeches or gifts, but for what and by whom?

    She lies over and over, not just about E-mails, claiming “what difference does it make” how or why white American lives matter? That only moronic liberal democratic stillborns believe in her to be “Dead Broke” and honest; for their right to abort, but certainly not her Chelsea girl, from whose womb? Ever see a family picture of Hillary pregnant, like Stanly Ann Dunham, Obama’s mom pregnant? Is that to much of a F…You in question?

  2. 09/28/2015 08:51

    You simply can’t be but amazed by these people. Disgusted, yes, but amazed nonetheless.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    09/28/2015 09:40

    Joe, Kerry or Al, are the chosen End Game for Obama and Hillary? For We the People: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Those are not Moehamed’s words, Allahs or Obama’s Muslim traitorous words! They are hard fought civil American words and beliefs that We the People exsit on and stand by.
    Common words as stated in the United States Declaration of Independence: that are not found or can be compared anywhere in the Koran!

    As to why Obama quotes and loves the Koran so sweetly, word for word is very questionable? Obama did quote the Koran or is it the Queeron? Obama did quote and invoke it before the UN and stated his love of it and that he actually pratices it!

    Obama, “The Manchurian Canidate” Who Got Elected by the NWO and feature rerun!

    The only proven facts that should have denied Obama’s presidential run and will destroy his history as president, are:

    (1) Barry Soetoro’s Indonesian citizenship by adoption is on record!
    (2) And that Barry Soetoro was Obama’s legal name once!
    (3) As for his religion changes, his mother an atheist, father a Muslim and adopted father also, schooled him as a Muslim; according to Muslim Law, he is a Muslim in his own quotes!
    (4) Soetoro’s switch-a-roué back to Barrack Hussein Obama to his Muslim fathers name was never recorded from his former legal name and foreign citizenship as Barry Soetoro.
    (5) Obama was in some form of gay questionable anti Christianity cult for 23 years, as in G. Damn America, Rev. Wright’s gay Over and Under Club in Chicago, he joined and enjoyed their anti American bashing.
    (6) There is not one legal unadulterated official document recorded anywhere of Obama’s/Soetoro’s disqualification to be president by his claimed repatriation citizenship application from Indonesia.
    (7) Obama/Soetoro refused to say or prove he was not a foreign student, with a dead man’s SS number he uses today, currently before the court.
    (8) Obama could not pass an E-Verify, a simple check-test, just to enter the White House.
    (9) With his many known, five-plus known aliases and his own Bio Book, stated for 15-18 years he was born in Kenya, is on record and not reputed, disqualified him.
    (10) Obama was not born In America, a fact not fiction, when his own facts state and prove otherwise, by his own admissions!
    (11) Obama is actually incognito for un-American nefarious reasons as recorded in today’s Head-Lines!
    (12) Obama is now known as a foreign-infiltrator-saboteur and be on trial or just hung!

    Obama has refused and passed up Mr. Trump’s generous offer of Five Million, Trump increased to Twenty Five Million Dollars just for a copy of Obama’s collage records! That stumps and trumps anyone’s belief that Obama has nothing to hide and deny his own identities. All except that the NACP is not a “B” word black, white and colored all over with what, White Out and stay out stuff, really matter to them?
    In actually, was Obama ever registered as a free paid for foreign student on and by U.S taxes handouts or was he a paid for Muslim foreign agent?

    How soon the cookies crumble or forget when they are chocolate chipped away at and trumped by one man among us, whose name is Donald Trump!

    Donald Trump is our next president already, as a matter of fact, I hope and pray!

  4. 09/28/2015 09:56

    No shit, my friend. If only we can get a good team in we can fix this shit.

  5. 09/28/2015 11:22

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