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Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, North American Law Center, presents the Articles of Impeachment for Barack Hussein Obama


And here are the articles in the most direct version:

As would be presented in court.

  1. poetopoet permalink
    10/22/2015 12:09

    Bravo! Bravo!

  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    10/22/2015 19:49

    The only problem is that this is nothing new. We have known for some time that Obama broke the law and was deserving of impeachment. Everyone here can cite several favorite examples of Obama’s transgressions that are worthy of impeachment.

    What is lacking is sufficient courage and integrity on the part of our Senators and Representatives to do it.

    Until then, this is a feel good exercise that distracts us from the business of getting Obama’s replacement into office and making sure that as much damage as possible is repaired. This also requires shaking up the GOP. Too many of them are too entrenched with politics as usual to be of any use to us and should be replaced, along with Obama, in the next election.

    That will require the hardest task of all: Educating low information voters.

    The hardcore Liberals are a write off. I’ve tried several times with various Liberals to increase their understanding of the world with pretty much a 100% failure rate. They just will not accept or even consider any information that runs counter to their entrenched beliefs.

    However there is a small number, perhaps 5% or 10% who are still open to education. We must find them and work with them.

  3. 10/22/2015 22:36

    If enough piles up, perhaps the landslide will engulf?

  4. 10/22/2015 22:37

    Let us pray…

  5. poetopoet permalink
    10/23/2015 09:17

    They use to throw Witches like Mrs. Clinton waited down with rocks in deep water, and if they drowned they were witches. She is not coming back; Trump will size all the Clinton’s funds and trusts under RICO, with waves of cute tsunami briefs.

  6. 10/23/2015 22:30

    Love it!

  7. Dr. Jeff permalink
    10/24/2015 00:28

    Gotta admit, that is a truly beautiful vision.

  8. 10/24/2015 05:15

    Isn’t it? I’d PPV to see that MGMMPOS perp walked out to the Rose Garden wall.

  9. Dr. Jeff permalink
    10/24/2015 05:25

    Handcuffs, I want to see the handcuffs.

  10. poetopoet permalink
    10/24/2015 11:04

    My re-post:

    Mrs. Clinton is a Pathetic Liar like Obama, OVER and bend-over! For what was the real reason for the planned massacre in Benghazi Libya? Aided by Obama’s team players, for what nefarious or criminal gain? It remains a Top Secret foiled closed-door plot.

    That was averted by 7 brave American Soldiers who left Tripoli Libya at 21.40 (PM) on 9/11/2012 and arrived in Benghazi at 9/12/2014 at 1.30 (AM) that rescued 31 survivors and took 3 dead bodies from the U.S. Embassy Outpost under attack to an airport on 9/12/2012 at 6.05(AM). They stopped the planned massacre of 35 Americans, which was Checkmated and Mutated by a seven member patriotic militia.

    Those 7 brave men did that rescue on their own volition, as in freewill, not on any orders; that they actually may have violated a Stand-Down-Order=No Rescue, by someone hushed-up indeed? Obama did not care about 35 American lives or be that 100-1,000 American lives that were to be lost.

    The guilty collaborator, saboteur and traitor is the then U.S. Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton of (What difference does it make? fame.). She on 8/16/2012 got an e-mail from the Regional Security Officer warning her of an eminent attack on the U.S. Benghazi embassy and asking for help 8/16/2012; a full twenty-seven (27) days before the actual attack on 9/11/2012, with a long list of other calls for help. The RSO never received a reply to it by anyone, which took the life of Ambassador Stevens and three brave Americans, all victims of Obama’s Muslim justifications.

    The above is not false, but recorded fact! But what difference does it make to liberal democrats anyway? None I state! Democrats want to elect her president at all costs! This, not so young Red Suit bisexual Mrs. Clinton-X-Madam at 71; is no innocent Little Red Riding Hood or saint.

    Mrs. Clinton with a two billion dollar trust fund once claimed to be “Dead Broke”. The Clinton’s may be rich but they are still Trailer-Trash, as called by the White House Staff.

    She should be hung, not elected president to do what, become Queen Midas?

  11. 10/24/2015 23:12

    Absolutely agreed. Most of DC needs to be hung for treason. Period.

  12. 10/24/2015 23:12

    $5 on the PPV cost.

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