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Yo, GOP, we won.


In 2014 we fucking smoked them. And you don’t seem to realize WE HAVE THE POWER! But what have you done? Betrayed the voters who gave you that power.

I’m going to take one small clip from that article linked above, and I want you people to think about it:

Ted Cruz has suggested that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin moderate Republican debates. Good idea, wrong target. How about this arrangement? Limbaugh & Co. should moderate the Democraticdebates. What a splendid blood-soaked spectacle that would be.

The rest of it is basically “What in the hell is wrong with you people?!?!”, and I agree.

  1. poetopoet permalink
    11/07/2015 21:17

    “Come On Down” was once a catch phrase aka a joke of sorts, and now the dumb downs want $15 dollars an hour. I remember in 1964 with a college degree I got $1.25 a hour; I was happy had a new used car and America was No. 1 in any book on the world stage; today with a Black Bastard Child President, America is rated 3rd rate,even that is debatable.

  2. poetopoet permalink
    11/07/2015 21:31

    In 1966 I ordered a brand new Dodge 1967 with a Duel Quad 440 engine, I was recorded once at 147 mph, I did not know they were even there. Then as a GS-13 and a small firm on the side I got into Buick’s, my favorite was my GS400, that car flew and stayed on the road, but my 1973 Riviera with 500 hp was drop dead powerful, at $4,500. at any speed.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    11/07/2015 21:37

    It was a 1969 forest green Buick GS 400, it was a SS Chevy type car 2 door. My beast saved me more than once.

  4. 11/07/2015 22:23

    I remember those.

  5. 11/09/2015 16:25

    The only thing less likely than those three doing an NDSWP debate is them doing a GOPe debate.

    Except for maybe Cruz none of them want to be questioned on the quisling behavior of the GOPe and supine posture they have assumed in relation to the corrupt-o-crats , the corruption encrusted bint who is their heir apparent and their effeminate, lawless, muslim blowing punk traitor who is their standard bearer.

    I mean seriously this is like shooting fish in a sippy cup and these spineless hacks just let it slide by cowering in the the corner afraid they are gonna be called “racist” or “sexist” I have news for these balless wonders: THEY ARE GONNA CALL YOU THAT ANYWAY!!!!

    Krauthammer is wrong in this respect. You have to keep on hammering away at the idea that the alphabet media is on the other side lest the morons who make up a majority of this fading land forget just what a bunch of pressitututes for the NDSWP the media is. Media delenda est.

    BTW how was your day?

  6. poetopoet permalink
    11/09/2015 21:39

    I have to agree with you, though Krauthammer, as a practicing Jew can never be honest or trusted, totally!

    Either you surrender yourself, as God commanded, as the Jews wrote down to His Son Jesus Christ; you are nothing in God’s own words!

    For Jesus Christ said, “If they do it, in my name do not condemn them” to His Apostles about others healing and believing in His holy name.

  7. 11/09/2015 22:50

    Careful, poe. That doesn’t play well.

  8. 11/09/2015 22:52

    FX, yours I like. The enemy will attack, period. The only way to win is return fire more heavily and accurately.

  9. poetopoet permalink
    11/10/2015 09:01

    The U.S.S. Constitution proved that.

  10. poetopoet permalink
    11/10/2015 09:10

    No Christion wrote this down, first:

    “Whoever, ‘blasphemes’, My words, and My Testimony, will not, enter, the Kingdom, of Heaven! – will not ‘enter, into Eternal Rest’; but will, be ‘blotted out’, of the Book, of Life! For any ‘sin’, can be forgiven, but whoever sins, against the True Holy Spirit, will never, be forgiven. And why is this My son?”

    God said that and they wrote it down!

    All be careful of what you can and cannot be forgiven of!

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