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My regular readers know


There are two things I repost about once a year or so. The Battle of Athens, and the OATH.

You may wonder why I’ve been so quiet the last few days? Gathering my chi.

One cannot help but to observe where we are going, but the biggest part is actually getting there. If we do get an election, will we really get a new leader? Or will they rig this one like the last 2? If they do, are we ready for what must come next?

I prefer the concept of trying to repair what we once had, but if we don’t lie to ourselves it is going to be a bitch either way. Repair, or rebuild. If we repair, we may be able to do it a piece at a time. The way the world is now, we might not get a chance to rebuild if we tear the whole motherfucker down. The UN would be all over us.

As it sits now, our people are too few and spread too thin to protect this nation from that invasion. And that is with intent from the regime.

I’m starting to lose my cool a bit, and need to refocus my mind.

  1. poetopoet permalink
    11/24/2015 08:33

    This should really cool you off.

  2. 11/24/2015 10:24

    Absolutely priceless!

  3. skybill permalink
    11/28/2015 02:27

    He’s wrong!!! America is not getting weaker by the moment!!!……….Been to a “Gun Show” lately???? Been to a Gun Range lately…..In my alternate home of eastern (country) North Carolina on most days and especially the weekend….the prolific sound of “GUNFIRE” as in target practice…”Plinking” …Hell!!…Just people shooting Gunz for the pure shear physical thrill of it! Good Sunday after Church , Lunch..Southern Fried Chicken, Fun!!!! Weakness may be something seen in politics, but not “In Country!!!!” Got That??
    Got Gunz….OUTLAW!!!!!,

  4. 11/28/2015 09:25

    Practice is very important. Don’t forget to visualize/incorporate some tactical drills.

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