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German professor confirms NASA has been changing historical data to create global warming


This somewhat ties in with the previous. It’s all a scam to try and rape the planet, but you will always have the puppets I suppose.

America's Watchtower

 oxcycleAs Barack Obama prepares to take a heroic stand against ISIS by attending the upcoming global warming conference there is a story which has been ignored by the mainstream media which calls into question the legitimacy of the whole global warming movement. And that is the fact that NASA and NOAA have been adjusting the historical temperatures to make it appear as if the world is warming when it is not.

  Some of these adjustments have been called “breathtaking” and yet the mainstream media has ignored this new scandal and so have the politicians who are pushing this radical agenda of control and global wealth redistribution. Now a German professor and retired geologist, Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, has confirmed that NASA has indeed fudged the number to hide the decline in the global temperature over the decades.

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  1. 11/27/2015 07:08

    Understand this. Those who make a trace gas as the path to Armageddon are evil and dishonest.

    They count on their dumbed down cannon fodder imbecile to not understand that they the cannon fodder expel the dreaded… carbon dioxide. These people neatly overlap those who think the planets population be liquidated by 90%. Of course these anti-human maggots never let the useful idiots know that even with all those verminous humans pursuing their own “greedy” self interest they make a small fraction of the carbon dioxide production in the earths atmosphere.

    A small fraction of a trace gas that has a undersized effect is not the stuff of apocalypse. Unless you can convince those who think di-hydrogen monoxide is a dangerous chemical.

    Unfortunately we produce quite a few of those yearly from the public schools
    government indoctrination centers.

  2. 11/27/2015 11:03

    Got it again!

  3. IMNOTYOUPROBLEM permalink
    12/01/2015 11:44

    To rule the world you must have followers believing in your cause. For thousands of years man has used Religion to control people. Imagine being told by another MAN that “GOD” says you can’t do something, when he himself never met GOD. And if you don’t do what he says (man or GOD) then you’ll pay for it in your after life (like anyone really knows that either). People drifted away from there faiths over the course of time. In todays era Religion can’t be used to control ALL the people anymore. Well………..It took sometime but the clever people figured out a new better way to make EVERY country in the world do what is required to submit to rule of man even the Atheists. Environmentalism is the TROJAN horse to World Governance. Do you want to be a freeman or freefollower? No where has nature struggled to survive and man is a part of that nature. In fact nature is so good at what it does we have to use poison to kill weeds and they keep coming back! It is most assuredly inevitable man will become extinct, and not 1 person here or there can say what will happen tomorrow. As time moves on everyone will be held accountable in a worldly court, it will take more time, but the old people with old ways will die. The young children will be taught a little more in such issues. And that cycle repeats until the old ways are gone and a new system is established. The Constitution won’t apply anymore, the Bill of Rights won’t apply anymore because these aren’t compatible with world governance and control. After all what happens when a local city or state passes a law that goes against the Federal law? Federal law still wins! Even if you take it to court. (Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon will soon find out that Federal trumps State when it comes to Marijuana ask Chris Christie!) So what will happen when Federal laws don’t agree with worldly laws or International Laws? Whatever your beliefs on climate change are, LAWS WILL BE MADE and all countries will conform or pay the price, and the price won’t be monetary in nature, unless you value your own life………It always starts out the same. And it always goes like this, WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! But it seems that its always the WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING’s that makes us have to do SOMETHING MORE and MORE and MORE. If we would stop doing things we wouldn’t have to fix anything because nothing would have been broken in the first place.

  4. 12/02/2015 11:03

    I’m near the point where violence is the only remaining answer.

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