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Bill Whittle Hits It Out Of The PARK!


  1. poetopoet permalink
    11/27/2015 03:40

    Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama with those filthy drop dead demonic democrats who voted and support that Muslim bastard and her “what difference does make” are nothing but sick whores and bastards who turned a blind eye and ear on their own falsifications as justification to exist.

    They need to be put of their own misery, before dawn’s early light real soon, for they are nothing but blights and a plagues standing upon American soil and the graves of those who gave their lives and liberties for the freedoms and protection found in the U. S. Constitution of We the People’s right to survive by its every word and deed, they trample on, as rats that they are must be exterminated!

  2. 11/27/2015 06:44

    Absolutely spot on.

    It is a grotesquerie that this corruption encrusted bint has enough supporters in this country to even think of continuing to run for office.

    It is an obscenity that we have a open enemy of this country directing its affairs from the White House whose every action and edict is an assault on the citizens, the foundations of liberty and the rule of law.

    It is appalling that so many of our so called countrymen are that corrupted and wedded to stealing from his neighbor for his sustenance or bent on revenge for being born black or just plain lustful of power that that corruption encrusted bint, Hilary!, is this close to becoming the Evita of Chappaqua and that the Muslim Fellator in Chief is apologized for on his serial assaults on the rule of law and his serial embraces of those he seeks to do his bidding by glossing over the murderous propensity of the so called “religion of peace” or ignoring an invading horde of pawns intended to create “facts on the ground” to overthrow this country through tendentious and rigged plebiscites.

    It is criminal we have one whole party in this country that supports both of these criminal traitors and will tell any lie and break any law to protect them as they proceed in making us into a third world hellhole.

    It is disgusting we have dishonest groups of “victims” parading their delusional grievances around like prized hogs as a way of not gaining rights and equality before the law but to gain privilege to take from the “other” to even the score. These are the people who deplores apartheid when they were the subjects of it but have shown they really don’t object as long as they are in charge. Even more disgusting are the political, media and academic pigs who condone, encourage and pander these viciously deluded thugs. They twist and obscure the motivations of these special little brownshirts as they think at some point they can in fact control their actions. They have gotten a rude awakening that will be nothing compared to the awakening these social justice bullies will get if tried to apply it to the citizenry at large.

    It is a travesty that we have another political party that acquiesces and funds these attacks on the American people. They attack regular American for believing in ordered liberty and the fundamental rights of men as “extremists” and wacko birds as they aid and abet the real extremists in the over throw of the constitutional order.

    The fact that Hilary Clinton can even dream of being president of this country with her corruption encrusted and criminally incompetent past and politically fascist out look is a prime indicator that our country has been poisoned and continues to deteriorate under the auspice of political and social “justice” quacks.

    The fact that we are calmly discussing whether to import 10,000 unvettable people from an enemy country who adhere to a murderous ideology based on revenge and supremacism while our country’s border and ports of entry are left wide open for anyone to waltz right in shows the depth the poison has penetrated the body politic.

    The fact we are not openly discussing the impeachment and removal of open ally of those who wish us dead and instead are discussing whether Donald Trump said this or that thing the media propagandists and ruling panjandrums find offensive and hindering to their overall goal of creating universal serfdom shows how far and fast we are sinking.

    It is not D vs R. But ruling class and their epigones versus actual Americans. The ruling class has declared war on us. The response needs to be appropriate.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    11/27/2015 09:35

    That response would be anarchy and rightfully so at this time.

  4. 11/27/2015 11:04

    I do love the things you say, they touch my heart so exactly.

  5. 11/27/2015 11:04


  6. Dr. Jeff permalink
    12/06/2015 16:03

    It’s the old problem of fact verses reality. The fact is that our government has become a criminal enterprise run by people who have a complete contempt for the rule of law and the American people. (I suppose the contempt for the American people may be legitimate, after all, a lot of people did vote for Obama. They’re stupid, case closed.)

    The reality is that even if Trump makes it to the White House, nothing is ever likely to happen. Hillary will not prosecuted. Obama will not be prosecuted. None of their minions now embedded in the fabric of our government institutions will ever be prosecuted. I’d like to be wrong in these judgements, but I don’t think I am.

    Last, but not least, millions of people in this country still think Obama is God’s gift to America. We’re stuck with those mindless drones no matter what else happens. If/when TSHTF, they are a 5th column we will have to deal with.

    I’ve a niece who has probably already reported my politics, including my support for the 2nd Amendment to the police, not because I’ve broken any laws, but because she doesn’t believe anyone should be allowed to own guns and certainly no one should be allowed to disagree with Barak the Great. She’s a good little Obot.

    Yes, I’m paranoid and cynical, very paranoid and cynical, only I’m pretty sure that I do have good cause to be concerned about the future of my country and my own future.

  7. 12/07/2015 04:38

    The only thing I’m paranoid about is if I’m paranoid enough. I pray that The Donald will be sufficiently vicious.

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