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This is one of the most spot on


Political commentaries in quite a while. QUITE A LONG WHILE!

If you go see it, you’re going to say “What is that nifty toy!?!?!?”

It is this, the Magpul fmg9.


  1. poetopoet permalink
    12/06/2015 10:39

    Gives real meaning to “Do See the Light” or is it “Do You Want to See the Light of Day”?


  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    12/06/2015 15:24

    I wouldn’t be paranoid if they’d just stop attacking me.

  3. 12/07/2015 04:30

    Violence may ensue.

  4. 12/07/2015 04:33

    This is gonna be fun. Been a long time since I’ve seen the picture through the sights.

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