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So, jihadis are but .1%?


And “Not all moslems are terrorists”? Okay. But 8:00-8:30 on this sure seems like the perfect time for a neutron break.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    12/17/2015 20:15

    Interesting presentation, but it changes nothing.

    If I consider the history of the past 1,500 years, I can see a familiar pattern developing, just as it has on a regular basis since the days of Mohamed himself.

    When Moslems reach a certain level of population, wealth and power, they make Jihad against their non Moslem neighbors. When enough of the non Moslem neighbors get fed up with the Jihadis, they fight back and after a period or years or sometimes centuries, they succeed in killing a lot of Moslems and driving the rest of the Moslems back to their Godforsaken countries.

    Ultimately, the lady is irrelevant, Hillary is irrelevant.

    When the Moslems have slaughtered enough people, the non Moslems will commence killing Moslems.

    What else is there to understand?

  2. 12/19/2015 05:41

    Absolutely correct Jeff. Muslims use such concepts as taqqiya and dawah when they are in numbers too small to be physically aggressive.

    They are also intellectually dishonest as they use our own principles and good faith against us knowing full well that they believe in none of it. They hide behind the “religious” component of their ideology to try and tie people up in knots and are helped along by the lying left who could give a shit less about religious freedom in any other case.

    Look at Europe for the latest instance for what Jeff has brought forth. All muslims believe in Muslim supremacy. If they do not they are apostates and heretics. Some may choose different methods but those methods are mutually re-enforcing not exclusive in much the same way Sein Finn and the IRA or the PLO and Fatah are two sides of the same coin.

    The goal is the same. It is those who are in charge who think the means is what legitimizes the end. Slavery and death are a bad end regardless of whether achieved by negotiation of force and that is what Islam seeks. It is OUR leaders who refuse to acknowledge this.

  3. 12/19/2015 06:25

    You’ve got that spot on, Jeff. The only way I can see to prevent the need for ever doing it again is to erase it from the planet.

  4. 12/19/2015 06:26

    You forgot the quote marks on “OUR”, FX.

  5. 12/21/2015 03:58

    Hi, I just linked over from the Hard Times Preparedness blog &spotted this article. The figures are actually quite alarming, although you don’t hear the media even try to address this issue.

    Pew Research Center – 1 in 4 Muslims in America under 30 say that suicide bombing can be justified if it is done ‘to defend Islam’.

    The numbers don’t lie.

  6. 12/21/2015 09:23

    These are truly some satanic level sick animals.

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