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This is so exactly prophecy


Who knew, all those years ago, that this would be such an exact slap in the face?

Who, hmmmm? Is it a paycheck, or is it fear of payback?

  1. 12/22/2015 07:59

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  2. 12/22/2015 10:26

    Thank you. The warning has been there for years.

  3. 12/24/2015 07:49

    Sorry I haven’t been around much. That may be a blessing depending on who you are.

    In much the same vein.

    Mr Fitzpatrick,
    I have been a little behind on the news.

    I have just perused an article on the recently passed budgetary atrocity known colloquially as the Omnibus spending bill for fiscal 2016.

    I am little more than dismayed that you didn’t oppose this grab bag of pork and democrat priorities.

    You and the republican leadership have sold out the American nation in the acceptance of a false narrative that believes America wants you to compromise with the profligate, degenerate and anti- American agenda of the President and his deranged party. We elected so called republicans to oppose this destructive program only to be betrayed by either your cowardice or your duplicity.
    All the leadership grandstanding was the big lie as every depravity the democrats hold dear you funded.
    If you can’t make the case in the event of a shut down that it is the President and his cohort’s monomania of protecting illegal invaders in our cities and leaving the porous border porous, the admittance of adherents to an alien and violent ideology to our country without proper scrutiny, the continued economic disaster that is Obamacare and his shielding of political allies from its consequences by fiat, funding the hoax known as climate change without constitutional consent or the depravity that is Planned Parenthood is so intense that they are willing to harm the thing they love the most, government, perhaps you are not qualified to hold your office.

    These people are engaged in a coup d’main and you and your party stand idly by in mute acceptance hoping people who hate your guts will think you are some how intelligent and kind. You are neither as we see through the façade and take you for who you really are, a statist who has no problem with violations by the ruling class of the rights of free men. As long as you moral vanity is appeased your intellectual integrity and congressional vote is for sale.

    Of course the harm you visit on me and those like me (taxpayer) is to be disregarded. I only pay the bills who am I to complain. You are pursuing the approbation of people who despise America as a free and self sufficient nation. Since you seek their approval and shun the concerns of those of us who wish America to be a beacon of liberty and success and that the governments duty is the protection of the citizenry and their God given and not invent rights for those who wish to rape us morally and financially , I must conclude you agree with their premise that people who believe in those American values are nothing more than hateful bigots.

    May the chains of tyranny lie lightly on your shoulders and may we forget you were ever our country man. But then you are a member of the ruling Uniparty tearing the nation asunder aren’t you? So I guess you have comfort in that the progressive reprobates who you have allied with to screw us over will think you civilized.
    Which is ironic since one of the most uncivil things you can do is be dishonest with those who chose you to represent them. I not so sure now that socialist reprobate Pat Murphy was any worse than you. After all you voted as he would have.

    Expecting an IRS audit in 3,2,1… Afterall RINO hacks like my representative have done really nothing to bring the IRS and it verminous leadership to heel save some token lines in the just passed omnibus which of course will be summarily be ignored by Imam Obama and his toadies.

  4. 12/24/2015 21:54

    That, my friend, was a SUPERB rant.

  5. 12/25/2015 06:55

    Thank you.

    It was from the heart.

    If I had the money I would run against this statist reprobate.I am done with the quisling republicans. They despise the ordinary citizens of this country with the same venom that the NDSWP does. And at this late date I am not convinced that politics is going to be the answer.
    The system has rotted and is being held up by splinters of termite eaten wood. We ruled by unscrupulous men now, not governed by laws and upright principles.

    Our constitution was designed for a moral and religious people it is wholly inadequate for anything else.

    Of course when Adams wrote that I don’ t think he was really anticipating the absolute dishonesty of the self anointed ruling class as they make whole swaths of human behavior bend to their statist religion.

    Every one of the founders was wary of allowing a theocracy to fester on these shores. They just didn’t anticipate that the greatest danger would be from men who set themselves up in lieu of God.

    Merry Christmas and hope for a better new year.

  6. 12/25/2015 08:23

    There will come a time…Throughout history, there has always come that time.

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