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Here’s a thought for you


  1. 01/25/2016 09:06

    I would like to see an actual copy of these documents. Until then – I (hesitantly) call BS on the story.

  2. 01/25/2016 23:16

    Really, McGoo? Some stuff just seems too real not to be.

  3. 01/26/2016 05:14

    Precisely. What I heard – without a shred of supporting documentary evidence or even a link (as opposed to opinion) – was exactly what every gun-owning 2nd Amendment Supporter DREADS hearing, and what many of us aforementioned folks believe is precisely what many of the Administration/Libtards want to do.

    But “dreading” and “belief” aren’t objective actionable fact. Not yet, anyway. Neither is an unsupported video opinion piece.

    The overarching motivation for my comment is that I am becoming wary of media- or Administration-synthesized “honey-trap” scenarios, i.e. creating or inflaming an incident intended to induce us 2nd Amend. supporters to actively “take up/use arms” in some kind of armed/lethal incident. Indeed, I have been watching for it (apparently-contrived incidents) for quite some time.

    Doing so could give the gun-grabbers a “plausible actionable excuse” to do what they want to do anyway – disarm us. They have very few alternative options left, since for the most part Congress has (wisely) been reluctant to pass most of the more-egregious pieces of Gun-Grabber legislation without threat of serious court challenges.

  4. 01/26/2016 06:14

    True that, actionable evidence is the only thing that would hold up in court. Hard proof like paperwork or physical examples.

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