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But most importantly


I want the “bodycams” of all the ground level officers for review. Not just the chopper footage.

I’m too upset to try to categorize or tag this. You know them, fill in as required.

  1. 01/31/2016 10:27

    This is just another manifestation of the apartheid vassal state being imposed on us by the ruling class. They seek to render us as objects with no rights and no intrinsic worth as the advance their grotesque agenda of death and destruction. But they of course know it is we who make ship of state run so they also require us to finance their depravity. This is the epitome of evil. We are second class citizens in our own country meanwhile invaders and their “american” ruling class enablers metaphorically, financially and in many case physically rape us all the while demanding we respect and elevate their culture, wants and needs above our own well being.

    Under no circumstance should these “people” be given the benefit of the doubt as they have forfeited that with every dishonest word uttered and action engaged in. They need to be stopped. If that means their deaths so be it. They have no scruples about killing and torturing us so I see no need to temper my feelings towards them. And for those who would say I shouldn’t advocate for these people demise I say wake the fuck up, it is you who give their phony outrage currency. Just once I would like the bien pensant pussies on our side say to the perpetually aggrieved say “Afterall the lies & hateful shit you have poured out of your pie holes you deserve it… and more” Instead these gutless punks go tsk, tsk at us. They are part of the problem.

    It is they who started this. I don’t think they are going like the way it ends.

  2. upaces88 permalink
    01/31/2016 13:30

    Clinton-Sells Uranium From Ranches to Russians to Fund Presidential Campaign

    Read more at:

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/31/2016 15:11

    Here’s the $64,000 question: Are these the dieing spasms of a regime facing defeat or the opening rounds of an all out war?

  4. upaces88 permalink
    01/31/2016 16:05

    I DO want to be 100% wrong. They want a war to make room for more “pliable” citizens that will fear them; and bend to their Will…

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/31/2016 19:29

    I ain’t feelin’ pliable. If they’re trying to create pliable “citizens”, it’s a failure.

    After 7 years of Obama and 10 years of Liberal Democrats, electing Donald Trump is about the mildest thing that could happen.

  6. upaces88 permalink
    01/31/2016 19:31

    This was my favorite part-please read all of the article:
    Two days before the debate, Breitbart filed a good article which proved to be totally true. Fox had two “sleepers” recruited to make Trump look radical ​​in his lawful views about immigration – and that was the intent. It appears Fox has become Marco Rubio’s champion. Those who are impressed by Rubio need to consider that his first major speech after announcing his candidacy was to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a New World Order group.

  7. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/31/2016 21:07

    I’ll tell you outright – I have serious reservations about Donald Trump as President, yet I plan to vote for him anyway.

    He is the only candidate I see who has the street smarts and the brass huevos to create fairly rapid and positive changes in our country. His downside is equally obvious, with either success or frustration, he could turn into a real prize package. Is his basic idea of good for the U.S. as fair and decent as we believe it is? As President would he become a real leader or a failed dictator?

    That doesn’t mean the others aren’t good, I just don’t think they’ve got the chops to take it all the way. Dr. Carson in particular is a wonderful moral center. His calm, careful consideration based on facts and moral principles is magnificent. I haven’t see the like of him in a very long time. How could you make a Cabinet level position out of being the country’s conscience? That would be a great spot for Dr. Carson.

    Chris Christy is obviously a political snake. He’s smart and tricky enough to be able to create the changes needed, I’m just not sure how much I trust him. Less than I trust Trump anyway.

    Ted Cruz has fallen some in my estimation, he’s almost good enough anyway. Guess that’s why he’s #2. We could easily do a lot worse than a President Ted Cruz.

    Rubio and Bush are the establishment boys. Rubio might be ok a couple election cycles down the road.

    Paul is interesting, but you’d want to be careful about the application of some of his ideas and leave others out entirely. Paul also reminds me of what I’ll call a True Believer. That’s someone who makes a point of living a strong and moral life, yet also has something in their belief system that makes it ok to screw you in the ground without warning.

    The situation has become such that a “moderate” of any sort can’t take the controversial actions needed to bring our country and our society back to a position of strength, safety, sanity and wealth. That makes Trump the top of the heap and Cruz the man if something happens to Trump.

  8. 02/01/2016 09:33

    Agreed. I think Trump has the balls to do what needs to be done, and the ideas to do the fixing. Trump/Cruz 2016.

  9. 02/01/2016 09:35

    I’m seeing most of them as either more RINOs or blatant progressives for the NWO/OWG. Trump can take the corporation that is America, and fix it. This man knows The Art Of The Deal.

  10. 02/01/2016 09:35

    It’s Trump, or a revolution.

  11. 02/01/2016 09:39

    The war they’re going to get is with those of us that love a Free America. Capitalism may suck, but it’s a hell of a lot better than communism. It works, it’s proven. America may have been far better than it currently is, but that’s because we went away from what made it great and tried to incorporate said communist ideals. We’ve got to get back to what made us that way before.

  12. 02/01/2016 09:40

    If it isn’t said dying spasms, it will be war.

  13. 02/01/2016 09:41

    I must simply pray that enough is finally done to get rid of this cabal.

  14. 02/01/2016 09:42

    America has always been “the sleeping giant”. We put up with shit until it reaches that “final straw”.

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