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I like this guys presentation


I’ve read a lot of tests, I’ve watched a lot of videos, and I’ve watched people fall down perforated by numerous calibers in my time. I knew the 380 was enough. I, however, am a believer that there is no such thing as overkill. 380 will work just fine, and in a small package. What’s not to like?

I’m partial to the 45 for my visible carry on my belt in plain sight. I’ll take my 45 hog hunting, hell it went through both shoulders! But if you don’t see me with a gun it’s probably because my 380 hides well inside my belt. An untucked t-shirt covers it, no print. I know I’ve got enough to stop the argument sufficiently. More is better, maybe, but enough will do.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/07/2016 21:49

    Both shoulders! OK, I’m impressed.

  2. 02/07/2016 22:58

    Pretty good, eh?

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/08/2016 05:38

    I’ve read article about guys hunting hogs with a 1911 so I knew it would do the job. I just wasn’t expecting that it would go through both shoulders and keep going. OK, I’ll add it to the list of the reasons I like the 1911.

    One of my other favorites is the Makarov. Much cruder and rougher than the 1911, but compact, 100% reliable and nicely accurate. Looking up the numbers says it’s virtually identical to the .380 in power. It has the potential for just a bit more with reloads, but the factory stuff is an even match.

    With virtually identical bullet weight and velocity to the .380, how come people say that it’s closer to the 9mm than the .380 in power?

  4. 02/08/2016 06:21

    Middle ground between them, I always thought. Yeah, closer to the 380 of the two, serviceable round. Actual bullet measures larger in diameter, so maybe the evaluators are thinking greater shock value? I had a Mak, and I did quite like it, but I gave it to one of “my kids” when he moved to Texas a few years back.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/08/2016 06:52

    It’s that extra diameter and a very slightly larger case volume that makes me think hand loads could up the power of the Mak beyond the .380 level. On the other hand, it works just fine as is and I really don’t think the Soviets would adopt a pistol that wouldn’t do its’ job.

    The feel of it when firing is much rougher than my highly customized 1911, but still very handy and reliable.

  6. 02/08/2016 07:02

    Agreed. I have been thinking of getting another one, just to round out my collection.

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