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Severe Steampunk Machinery


Dr Jeff suggested I might find something of interest on his page. I did indeed:

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/02/2016 02:46

    Thank God there’s more in the world that American politics.

    That’s the first time in half of forever that I’ve seen someone conceive and build a purely mechanical device to play music. The only electronics on it are the pickups.

    It’s all cams, gears, levers, belts and pulleys.

    Anyone besides me remember the Mergenthaler Linotype? That was a machine of wicked complexity. The link ought to take you to a pic of one. I’ve never been able to post picture here directly.

  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/02/2016 02:48

    OK, I know how to post pictures now. Huh, I never would have figured a link would do it.

  3. 04/02/2016 08:37

    That thing is is awesome!

  4. 04/02/2016 08:39

    How do peoples brains work to be able to create these things?

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