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Then this came to mind


This ain’t hippiness, this is reality.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/02/2016 03:04

    I don’t get it. You say you don’t like Hippies, but you like a lot of their music.

    This one wasn’t just Hippie stuff either, the Radicals of the time favored this kind of song. It was a sort of a war anthem along with several others.

    On the surface, it’s a plea to be seen as human and worthy of simple recognition and acceptance. The wider meaning it carried was a deeper one of estrangement and a little paranoia.

    I may have changed sides, but it’s still war music.

    btw – I gave up my experiment in trying to communicate with Liberals. They were some of the hardest headed, willfully ignorant haters I’ve seen in decades. I learned to value independent thought a long time ago. They live by pure Liberal doctrine. They’d be right at home with the masses of 1984 and their minutes of hate.

    They couldn’t even handle some basic questions about current events. If the question wasn’t one Wasserman-Schultz and her minions approved, it got dismissive answers.

  2. 04/02/2016 08:37

    I saw that song in the same ways, and that’s why I put it up.

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