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All the more reason to vote for Trump


I woke up to find a clip upaces88 had sent me. This one is all thanks to her. If these people, these types of people, are shitting themselves so hard about The Donald, what does this tell you about the man?

She sent me the first 2 paragraphs, and the address of the story. Let me go a bit further down the page for some more good stuff:

Every under cover sabotage has its key perpetrators and the Take Trump Out perps at the UN are allegedly two: Two ex UN bureaucrats, Zha Zukang and Kandeh Yumkella (the Afro-Islamist who built the first proper mosque in the UN compound in Vienna, Austria), who have been perusing an anti-US campaign for more than a decade and are now allegedly campaigning against the presidential election of Donald John Trump.

So we have NWO, Agenda 21, and pisslam all rolled into this little ball of happiness. This tells me, boys and girls, that I am definitely voting for this guy. His purpose would seem to be saving America, and these people are shitting themselves blind because they, apparently, think he can.

They want to reduce the population of the Earth to manageable levels? Let them start at home. What do they contribute as a whole anyway? Somewhere a while back I read that if the entire population of the US were placed shoulder to shoulder, the entire population of the US could fit in one of the smaller northeastern states. I don’t think we are anything more than a threat to them because, as Americans, when we pull together we rock the planet. And they don’t.

We can, and have, invented the greatest technology in the history of the planet. And then, once we invented/perfected it, somebody else stole it and built it cheaper. And so we bought it and our industry lagged because we allowed our costs to go up because of the wages we were now forced to pay which drove our prices even higher. And that whole inflation thing continues to rotate, and invert, and compound. As I sit here typing this my brain sees all the factors, and it’s all because somewhere back in time somebody planted a seed that led to our destroying ourselves from within so they could come in, mop up, and rebuild under their rule.

I’m going to stop now before I drive myself crazy.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/11/2016 11:52

    Cool idea.

    Judge the man my his enemies…

    …and Trump becomes the greatest President in U.S. history.

  2. poetopoet permalink
    04/11/2016 13:54

    My Post here and there.

    “We the People” know from official, admitted and undeniable records that Ted Cruz was born in Canada and his mother as a former U.S. citizen then, and as a Canadian citizen cannot, I repeat “cannot not” transfer her once held American citizenship in Canada to Ted, who was born and raised in Canada to be transferred later in life, Willy Nilly.
    Ted Cruz as a child born and raised in Canada as a citizen of Canada for years, not America is Canadian! U.S. Senator Cruz less than two years ago renounced his Canadian citizenship; “This is to certify that the person named above (T. Cruz) has formally renounced Canadian citizenship and pursuant to the Citizenship Act will cease to be a citizen on” May 14, 2014!

    T. Cruz is also a Cuban citizen from birth with one Cuban parent (father), no matter where he was born, as any Kenyan is. T. Cruz Cuban citizenship was maintained throughout his adulthood to this day. Ted Cruz has never renounced his Cuban citizenship, even if he never claimed to be a Cuban; he is a citizen of Cuba according to Cuba’s Constitution.
    The above makes T. Cruz forever ineligible to hold U.S. Presidential Office, period, by ex-post facto law by three-strikes he is out legally and illegally.
    Fact, not all fifty U.S. State Voter Registrars will not be fooled again? Especially by a white Cuban foreign Canadian refugee citizen of the Crown of England like Obama was, by Nancy Pelosi or anyone.

    Some Voter Registrars will simply refuse to accept Ted’s abridged paper words as proof of citizenship, currently before many state courts and federal courts today without unification, justification and decision before or from the U.S. Supreme Court, for republican Ted Cruz to be eligible to run and be elected a U.S. President.
    What a waste of time and effort by Ted Cruz and others, with not one document or law as proof of his citizenship. It is, therefore, reasonable for Voter Registrars to deny him to be on their state ballots, as dictated by their U.S. Constitution’s interoperation.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    04/11/2016 13:57

    Another post of mine here and there.

    The Law is the Law for all, not the many freeloaders who ignore it and enable some too stay in power democratically and illegally, who try and succeed are party wise and pound foolish.

    This Law and Act remains the Law of the Land, it was not abolished; it is deliberately or simply ignored by some.

    “PUBLIC LAW 414-JUNE 27, 1952

    Public Law 414 CHAPTER 477 AN ACT June 27, 1952 To revise the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality; [R . 5678] and for other purposes.
    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act, Iionnigation and divided into titles, chapters, and sections according to the following table of contents, may be cited as the “Immigration and Nationality Act”.

    SEC. 202. (a) Each independent country, self-governing dominion, mandated territory, and territory under the international trusteeship system of the United Nations, other than the United States and its outlying possessions and the countries specified in section 101 (a) (27) (C), shall be treated as a separate quota area when approved by the Secretary of State. All other inhabited lands shall be attributed to a quota area specified by the Secretary of State. For the purposes of this Act, the annual quota to which an immigrant is chargeable shall be determined by birth within a quota area, except that….

    (3) an alien born in the United States shall be considered as having been born in the country of which he is a citizen or subject, or if he is not a citizen or subject of any country then in the last foreign country in which he had his residence as determined by the consular officer;”

  4. 04/11/2016 20:38

    Then what is this anchor baby shit?

  5. 04/11/2016 20:39

    I agree. Watch the movie “Trojan Horse”.

  6. 04/11/2016 20:40

    As I said, “All the more reason”.

  7. poetopoet permalink
    04/11/2016 20:59

    Like some one said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Abraham Lincoln”

    “This Law and Act remains the Law of the Land, it was not abolished; it is deliberately or simply ignored by some.” for men not babies.

  8. 04/11/2016 21:35

    *SIGH* Yep.

  9. 04/17/2016 07:50

    I have been resisting on this and will be my only comment on this matter.

    There is no reason to vote for !Trump!.

    There is only reason to vote against whatever fascist criminal the NDSWP puts forth.

    The GOPe screwed the pooch years ago with the McCain/Romney candidacies. Playing failure theater with the budget and caving to every whim of the traitorcrat Obama. It is us versus them in every way.

    At no point do I believe !Trump! is anything but a self serving narcissist kleptocrat but may be my only choice to stanch the bleeding of this dying republic. Piss on the GOPe for being the ball less fucks they are and aiding and abetting the fucking anti American pricks that are the Democrat party.

    It is they who make a clown shoe demagogue like !Trump! possible. But at least with !Trump! he will be more interested in burnishing his brand than “fundamentally transforming” the country. The only problem with such self interest is he may go full Schwarzenegger to get re-elected.

    We see how well that worked out.

    By the way Chris how ya’ been?

  10. 04/17/2016 08:49

    I’ve been doing pretty fair, FX. Where have you been? Missed your comments. As for !Trump!, he’s about as good an option as we’ve got I suppose. Cruz has a few points I could go for, but I suppose I’m still a bit of a birther on him. Damn fine man in any major position except POTUS. There is not one candidate that truly makes me want to go absolute batshit in awe, but The Donald seems the best of what options we have to me.

  11. 04/17/2016 09:10

    Mostly working actually. It puts me behind on my reading and I am a notoriously slow reader. Plus this type of commentary takes a lot of energy. More power to you that you can continue.

    Also I feel that I am repeating myself, a lot. I don’t want to bore people if I can help it and coming up with different ways to say the same thing is as tedious as it sounds.

    I anticipate being around a little more as the primaries wind down. Intramural squabbling about candidates is not my idea of fun especially since it has gotten very ugly over the last couple of months. Not that I mind ugly its just who it is being aimed at.

    Fire needs to be trained on the real enemy before its too late.

  12. 04/17/2016 09:34

    Indeed. Brother FX, you rock. I’m glad to have you read me and comment. Makes me feel like it’s actually worth doing this.

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