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Fault? Anyone?

  1. 04/17/2016 08:48

    We live in a sad little country anymore. The so called citizenry elected and re-elected an anti-American jihadi blowing marxist to the presidency. Sixty percent of that same citizenry has demonstrated an affinity for either of two corrupt New York kleptocrats and another twenty percent for and reconstructed socialist thug.

    Said president then gutted the military of any one who would actually put up a fight against the social engineering and complete demoralization of those who sacrifice to protect us. This doesn’t even begin to address the ordered supine posture our military now assumes.

    Then we( not you and me, the royal “we”) wonder why an incident like two russian jets buzzing a US naval vessel multiple times in INTERNATIONAL WATERS goes without either a contemporaneous or subsequent coherent response. I dare say that if anyone here were in charge we would have feted the commander’s initiative in dunking Mr Putin’s provocation in to the scuzzy waters of the Baltic Sea. They get away with it because Obama agrees with Putin’s contempt for America and Americans.

    The country has been, perhaps irredeemably, poisoned by the “cult of the progressive” through their vessel the “Church of State”. They have used a catechism of hatred and phony victimhood to sap us of our vitality in order to feed their parasitic desires. They have achieved their goal of making the aberrant normal and the normal aberrant. How else can beings like Hillary!, !Trump! and Bernie! be held up as paragons of virtue and viable options for the most powerful job in the world while men who have fought the good fight for liberty however imperfectly are torn down and slandered without a second thought?

    You see it is not people like me who disdain !Trump! for his imperfection as to conservative thought who are rationalizing. The fact is he really is only one thought(immigration) away from being a democrat. It is those that support !Trump! who cite heresies in other conservative’s records to justify !Trump’s! even larger sins. This is reminiscent of Obamatrons using Bush’s profligate spending to justify Obama’s even more outlandish spending.
    They seem to embrace ( at least in other venues) the idea that being against !Trump! is to be for the powers that be in the RINOcrat party. I deplore both. Neither is the way back to a prosperous, liberty loving America.

    I understand this will take more than one election (this has ever been the case) to reverse the rot. It will take more than politics as the cultural institutions that feed our politics are irretrievably deranged and irredeemably corrupt. We have to stop patronizing them as much as we possibly can. Do not give your dollar to those who would use them to enslave and lie to you.

    Our institutions have been hollowed out by apparatchiks on the order of the power mad. The rule of law no longer obtains. Look no further the fact that the corrupt bint from Chappaqua is still roaming around free after selling out American security for her own convenience and hatred of this country. She is a traitor. The idea that she can run for president or more absurdly not be indicted for a crime in which possession is the only predicate is absurd.

    Stopping the “democrat” offering is paramount if !Trump! is the solution we really are in deep shit.

    Nothing will even start to turn around anytime soon.

  2. 04/17/2016 08:55

    I will have to agree with your entire comment. Again, I just have to say The Donald is the best of our options IMHO. Perfect? Oh hell no. Better than the rest though. And he knows how to surround himself with good minds to fill slots, so the military may just have a chance to grow their balls back. What I want to see is trials for Ovomit and Hitlery (not to mention probably hundreds, definitely dozens), and then PPV hangings.

  3. Wolfplus3 permalink
    04/18/2016 06:04

    I have always been of the .308 vote for certain politicians. It stands now that our betters have so rigged the game that any talk of removing these cancers will result in your very own government funded colonoscopy. I sometimes think my two daughters are the only reason I’m not sighting in on these parasites. Oh well, enough musing on happy endings. Time to get to work so my tax dollars can fund those who will destroy us all. ( Happy face).

  4. 04/18/2016 06:18

    That was good for a deep chuckle, and a big sigh.

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