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Kind of in relation to yesterday


  1. 04/20/2016 15:59

    Love STYX in general. They were like an entry drug to harder rock & roll.

  2. 04/20/2016 16:16

    That is an old clip isn’t it.

    Dennis DeYoung basically bailed on them years ago.

    In fact as I am looking to see if I have my facts strait this clip is looks like its even older than 2009 as he has basically been on the outs with STYX for quite a while.

    Yeah I know its wikipedia but it has nothing to do with the culture at large or politics

    Though DeYoung and his bandmates had been able to put aside their musical and personal differences during the “Return to Paradise” tour, those same issues resurfaced once work started on their new album, Brave New World. Complicating matters, DeYoung’s physical health took a sudden turn for the worse; DeYoung said he was afflicted with a chronic fatigue syndrome -like disorder that affected his trigeminal nerve, and that he would not be able to perform onstage due to a sensitivity to bright light and sound caused by this disorder. The other four members of Styx said that the band was contractually obligated to tour in support of Brave New World album. When DeYoung reiterated his health issues made him unable to perform live, the other members of the band opted to replace DeYoung with Canadian star Lawrence Gowan in 1999 in order to fulfill their touring obligation.[4]
    DeYoung sued his former bandmates, seeking the rights to use the group’s name in support of his solo career. The suit was settled in 2001, with the group being allowed to keep the name “Styx” and DeYoung able to use the name in descriptive phrases such as “the music of Styx” or “formerly of Styx” (but not “the voice of Styx”).
    Styx has consistently maintained that any chance of a reunion with DeYoung is at best unlikely. When asked about any possible reunions with DeYoung, James Young of Styx commented on an edition of American Behind the Music television series on VH1 channel about the group, “Maybe when they are playing hockey on the river Styx.” Young also addressed the reunion issue on an episode of VH1’s Feuds 2000, noting the possibility of a reunion would only happen “[A]s The Eagles said, ‘when Hell freezes over’.” Bassist Chuck Panozzo, no longer actively touring with Styx due to health issues associated with his HIV-positive status, offered a more hopeful tone to a writer doing a story on the band for; while reflecting on the effect the loss of his fraternal twin brother, John, had on the band, Panozzo noted, “Before any more of us die, I would hope that it could happen. Every year that it doesn’t happen is another year that goes by. And if you wait too long, who will care?” But an interview Tommy Shaw gave Rolling Stone in 2011 indicated that he didn’t think a reunion was realistic, noting, “We’re crazy, but we’re not insane.”[5]

    None the less he and Shaw gave them two very strong vocalists and a very marketable sound. James Young was a little rougher but all in all very much in the vein of the Eagles they had a wider range than most bands of the era. They got a little too pretentious after “Paradise Theatre” and as far as I was concerned Mr Roboto was a reach too far.

    Using a lot of things I haven’t used for while. Hopefully this will look as I intend it.

  3. 04/20/2016 16:42

    And no I didn’t miss the “Grand Illusion” aspect. Well at least until now.

    The idea that this country isn’t being pushed into a collectivist/tribalist/atheist hell is the “Grandest Illusion” of all and all those who now infest the ruling class perpetuate with the most obvious and damnable lies.

  4. 04/21/2016 09:13

    And that’s a bingo.

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