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R.I.P. Prince


Just found out from DJ Allyn over at “The Rott” some details I never knew about Prince, and his music. With full credit to Deej, here is his comment:

You may not have liked one of his “styles” of music, but you probably don’t realize that he wrote a SHITLOAD of songs for other people that you probably do like — but never knew that they were his songs.

I admit that I wasn’t a great fan of much of his work, but I admired it for the pure TALENT involved.

Prince was a music machine. Not only can he be considered to be as great if not greater a guitarist than Jimmy Hendrix, the man played almost 30 different instruments — flawlessly and effortlessly.

Virtually every record he recorded had only one artist: HIMSELF. He wrote the song, he played every instrument and performed every vocal on that record.

He is rumored to have over 1500 recorded songs complete with music videos that nobody has ever heard, locked in his vault.

While he is rumored to be worth in excess of $300 million, the man gave away more money than he ever kept. He used to do these “pop-up” concerts where hundreds of people would attend on a moment’s notice, and every dime he collected went anonymously to disadvantaged youth programs throughout the country.

I agree with Retired Spook on this.

I didn’t know just how good a man he actually was, but Deej would. Respect!

  1. 04/30/2016 10:37

    I was not a major fan of his, liked some of what he did, some I did not. But the man was an exceptionally talented musician, composer, and from all accounts a pretty decent person towards not only his fans but to aspiring musicians. (And though I didn’t have all the info DJ provided, I was aware of this before DJ had commented.)

    In this age of no talent hacks and a music industry seriously lacking in being able to produce anything one would want to listen to, when one who was so blessed with talent, and had the presence of mind to use same to the fullest…we as a culture are poorer for their passing.

    I think you could easily put Prince in the same tier of talent as Hendrix and Zappa…and some might argue he was a step or two higher.

  2. 04/30/2016 10:39

    Excellent comment. Thank you, my friend.

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