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This may not end well


  1. poetopoet permalink
    05/04/2016 19:25

    Lanny Davis is a total idiot and dangerous.

  2. 05/05/2016 00:48

    No argument here. The shame of it is that he is a common libtard.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    05/05/2016 05:01

    Where did all those Trump haters go, to hell I hope, gotta keep those fag liberal flames hot.

  4. 05/05/2016 07:25

    Trump did quite the smackdown on his detractors, did he not? Let us hope this campaign for the primary is now over. Shift the numbers, call it done, and get on with some cold hard demoncrap slapping.

  5. poetopoet permalink
    05/05/2016 09:37

    Children get a slapping, adult traitors get shot or beat down, like all Obama voters should be.

  6. 05/05/2016 11:23

    Agreed. Ignorance is no excuse.

  7. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/09/2016 18:08

    Anyone besides me notice that this is so old that Jay Carney is the spokesman?

    This isn’t news, it’s something we’ve been waiting for Obama to pull the trigger on for some time.

    He has the capability and the inclination, will he do it?

  8. 05/09/2016 22:40

    Possibly. Hopefully it isn’t that stupid.

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