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Here’s my thought on “transgender identity”


What do you have between your legs? Whatever it is you “feeeeeel” doesn’t change reality.

That simple. Your “gender identity” is that simple. Do you have a penis, or a vagina?

Boom. There it is. The only way you get to choose which bathroom to use is if you have both sets of gear.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/14/2016 01:51

    Guys, think about it. The whole bathroom thing is a distraction.

    Yes, it has a high emotional loading, but think – the first time a “transgender” causes a problem, it’s over. All those womyn who have been screaming for years don’t want their coochies in the same room with a dick. They’ll be on our side as soon as they realize they’ll have to share a bathroom with a penis, transgendered or other wise.

    This is a discussion that should barely qualify for a city building code, not a Federal law. Obama writes one dumb ass memo and everyone looses their minds.

    You own a place, you own the bathroom, you make the rules. If you’re wrong, you go bankrupt. That’s free market.

    Even the debate about high school and junior high school locker rooms is bogus. Anyone who thinks they can put a million pubescent girls with a million pubescent boys is crazy. There will be such humungus problems and protests that even if they do try forcing the issue, it won’t last a year.

    The whole business is Cloward Piven taken to its’ ultimate, ridiculous end.

    Look around, Obama’s up to something he doesn’t want us to see, this is the smokescreen.

  2. 05/14/2016 05:02

    You’re exactly right Jeff. This is all about how far the cultural Marxists can push without having their asses handed to them. They are so arrogant they think that they can erase biology and science; hence their monomania with climate change. Its a variation on the misguided notion of the “new soviet man”. I guess the new soviet man in this case becomes one by having a chopitoffame. They need these asinine causes because it is beyond their ability to effect actual events.

    They have a president who recently rendered himself even more odious by insulting some of our main allies and absolving himself of any blame for the disaster his malicious will to make political points at the expense of American security has made. They have a presumptive presidential nominee who has seriously compromised national security to facilitate a family slush fund and should be in jail. Of course they need these freak issues. Make the normal deviant and the deviant normal.

    The Ben Rhodes expose is another one. They lied their ass off to fool not us but the conceited asswipes who carry their water. This is all about the extension of federal power as if federal power is more benign than the states. They lied(again) now what are you gonna do about it? They use bogus statistics like one in five women in college get raped and only earn 4/5ths of what men earn like holy writ. It is their religion: the church of state. What other religion can you name that lies to increase it’s power?

    Whatever happened to the “War on Women” as the people who will be most affected by this are women? I guess to anyone with a brain that should put paid to that piece of shit meme. In this case the rights of your wife, daughter to a little privacy(by virtue of the living constitution in Griswold) are to be summarily discarded so that these mentally ill and others who will use this defense can have the heretofore unknown right to “gender identity”. Once the bright line of actual science has been erased all other lines are arbitrary. They betrayed themselves when the simplest solution was rejected(single stall bathroom) to make sure the depraved can be so unmolested.

    They want you to bow at their knee and kiss their ass. No one will speak up because they are afraid of being called whatever -ist is appropriate by the media thugs and socialist rage mobs that gather whenever their religion is blasphemed. The emperor has no clothes and it as ugly thing to behold as his sycophants undress in support of a lie.

    When the rights of the minority supersede the rights of the majority you live in an apartheid state. When the rights of freaks to be made comfortable in their surroundings is of higher order than an actual right to safety in the public domain then we live in just that state.

    But as to what is he obfuscating. Look around. The economy is teetering on a knife’s edge. His administration just admitted to lying about the Iran debacle in the same way they lied about Obama(couldn’t)care(less). The democrat nominee is on the edge of indictment for a secret server that was clearly meant to circumvent prying eyes of her potential political enemies of which this appears the latest complication

    While all of this has been going on, intelligence community sources have reported about a below-the-radar, yet largely known debate in the Kremlin between the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Intelligence Services. They are trying to come to a meeting of the minds to determine whether the Russian government should release some 20,000 of Mrs. Clinton’s emails that it obtained either by hacking her directly or by hacking into the email of her confidante, Sid Blumenthal.

    The scandals keep on getting bigger and the press is desperate for anything to report on to distract our Klown Kar Kardashian Kulture. Believe, me the commies and fascists would kill for a system where the press actively aids and abets their depravity by merely making the suggestions.

    But of course they will just shout the magic word “political” at the uninformed boobs and the boobs will buy it even though the leftists shouting political is quintessentially political. Accuse your opponent of what you’re doing. Create the moral equivalence between defender and aggressor so that hitting back is morally dubious. Unless of course the tables are turned then civility is the utmost virtue.

    The language has been rendered meaningless by design. Natural have been discarded for special group rights. This may be the most vicious tyranny ever devised by man as those who seek to impose it are under the illusion they are on the side of the angels.

    Tolerance-acceptance-celebration-compulsion. The steps to cultural rot.

  3. 05/14/2016 07:36

    That’s what I’ve been telling everyone close to me, look past the smoke. This is just a distraction.

  4. 05/14/2016 07:42

    Hitting it right out of the park.

  5. 05/14/2016 15:54

    Found this via Instapundit.

    Very amusing. Hilarious around 4:46 I’m sure you’ve posted this prior but it has some relevance to the discussion right around the 5:25 mark.

  6. 05/14/2016 16:22

    Love it!

  7. 05/16/2016 09:16

    Reblogged this on Boudica2015.

  8. 05/16/2016 23:54

    Thank you.

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