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OMG, this is superb


I’m going to give you the link. You need to read this, and gleefully rub your hands together.

I’m not going to tag it, categorize it, nothing. But Lord GOD is this good!

  1. 05/14/2016 11:25

    Yes it is delicious. But she is still walking around because the ring leader of the Democrat junta will not put this bint behind bars even if she commit murder on Main St.

    The elements of the crime have been satisfied. Unless Comey is looking for something bigger they have her on 2000 counts of mishandling of government documents and arguably espionage. Each of the first according to the operative law is a felony. The fact that they have at least one e-mail where she told an underling to strip the classified markings off of it so it could be sent on an un-secure fax machine reeks of espionage and sabotage and establishes the culture and intent for a charge of espionage. Of course the fact that she was using a server not under control of the State Department is the biggest indicator of her intent.

    They are running around crying “intent, intent, intent” as if it matters one farthing and as if her intent wasn’t clear as the blue Montana sky. They understand that the general public has been educated to be stupid and will buy her tripe hook line and sinker.

    !Trump! needs to make this a theme. He needs to hit the “laws are for the little people” attitude of the Cankled Queen of Chappaqua hard. This is made harder than it has to be by him being !Trump!. His second order on day one(after summarily rescinding any and all executive orders and executive branch regulations issued during the Eight Year of Darkness) needs to direct the attorney general to charge Clinton on all applicable laws.

    If !Trump! wants to be thought credible then he needs to set the tone that just because you are politically connected you are not above the law.

  2. 05/14/2016 14:46

    Perfectly boiled down.

  3. 05/15/2016 16:39

    Oh, yes! This is great, but … cynic that I am … I doubt she’ll be inconvenienced in the slightest. She’s gotten away with everything too many times already. Hope I’m wrong!

  4. 05/15/2016 22:39

    As do I, SM, as do I.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/17/2016 03:10

    I just made a comment on your other Hillary post. Short Version: She’s like a movie monster you can’t kill.

  6. 05/17/2016 06:56

    Silver bullet? Holy Water? Wooden cross? Silver cross dipped in Holy Water?

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