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This is a man worthy of President


Or how about this one:

  1. upaces88 permalink
    05/20/2016 14:37

    Both of these went viral

  2. 05/20/2016 23:11

    As they should have. This man is saying what AMERICANS are thinking.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    05/21/2016 03:44

    I am soooo proud of him!!

  4. 05/21/2016 06:10

    Let us see where this goes, hmmm? I wish I could vote for him!

  5. 05/21/2016 06:31

    Seems to be a tough, honest and sincere fellow. These attributes are in short supply these days especially from the likes of Fallon and the rest of those who disingenuously sing his praises. The first hint that he arrests minorities at a higher rate than whites regardless of the actual circumstance will have him being denounced as a klansman with a badge.

    We live in a dishonest society which has falsely seized on the “all men are created equal” mantra. All men are not created equal by definition. Every one has different talents and tastes that society itself values differently at different times and places. It is the fallacy that everyone makes an equally valuable contribution to society that drives the evil and dishonest “liberals”, that the good Captain mistakenly includes as Americans, to justify any depravity they seek to commit in the name of “equality” and “fairness”. Their goal is neither as they seek to assuage their self righteous egos on the false premise of good intentions. Greed,lust for power and an unseemly self regard are their motives. Pretending it is for an “equality” and “fairness” which they will never recognize if applied to them to is just so much rube bait.

    Does anyone really think the “value” Obama or Hillary! has created for society even approaches the value Ben Carson or even Donald Trump or any small business owner for that matter has created? Only in the mind of the most deranged liberal is that even a possibility. The regression of the United States under the stewardship of the first two and their henchmen is objective evidence that all men are not created equal. They seek to return us to the days of masters and serfs. This is not progressive by any definition in the proper English language but retrograde in all senses of the word.

    They have turned a metaphor that all men have the same basic rights endowed by God and twisted that into a concrete wish(oxymoron alert) for material equality irrespective of contributions. Life in this country is like an engine you get out of it what you put into it. Those who seek “income equality” seek to short circuit that dynamic by creating the friction of phony good intentions which only enrich themselves.

  6. 05/21/2016 07:22

    You’ve been thinking about this, haven’t you? I tend to see the apparent philosophy he speaks as a PATRIOT fed up with the bullshit.

  7. 05/21/2016 07:33

    And I apologize if I implied anything other than that this man is a patriot. He surely is and we need many more who are unabashedly proud of this country warts and all

    My main beef is with those who disingenuously praise him and promote this false “equality” to which none of these phonies aspire. He is appears genuine they are not.

    Perhaps I have become way too cynical in my advancing age. I cannot give those who ascribe to things which have been proven harmful any benefit of the doubt.

  8. 05/21/2016 23:11

    Understood. But I tend to think this man speaks that which this nation indeed stood for.

  9. 05/21/2016 23:13

    Should I have said the philosophy of a President?

  10. 05/22/2016 08:09

    But what of the philosophy of a President?

    The philosophy of a President should be that he is President of all not just certain pet groups who see this as a chance to get even or advance some race or gender based fiction of cultural Nirvana. Any and all such candidacies are based on entitlement and revenge. This leads to the attitudes we see now in the current regime as they accuse any who may oppose them as having low motives due to “racial animus” rather than principled rejection based on America’s best interest meanwhile “I won” is the premise on which they base their degradation of the American people and dismissal of those opposed. The majority rules until it disagrees with their preconceived notions

    The philosophy of a President should be to “make sure that the laws be faithfully executed” and that they are uniformly applied. If a law is applied to one then it is applied to all. Too many times laws are applied depending on who you know or what grievance group to which you belong. Laws and regulations that actually create differing circumstances so that the law does not apply to all are the only exception to the “laws shall be faithfully executed” as they do not adhere to the organic law. The fact that the ruling elite passes such laws and regulations show they do not believe in the premises that all are created equal or in the equal protection of the law. No President should countenance such laws as a matter of principle.

    The philosophy of a President should be to take into account the interests of the people of the United States first and foremost. Any other position should be anathema to any who hold a position of trust in the Federal government. I don’t care if the rest of the world clamors for it. If it does not suit our interests then it should be dismissed. Presidents who do not hold out America’s interests as paramount are rightfully thought to be traitors and congress should deal with them as such. We have nothing to apologize to the world for. We are not perfect but the rest of the world is even less so. To may people equate our historical misdemeanor with other country’s current and historical felonies(hat tip to Dr Victor Davis Hanson) This leads to the thinking of those who believe that if something benefits America it is inherently suspect This notion needs to be dispatched with all due haste by any legitimate President..

    The philosophy of a President should be to promote the ideals of the founding with confidence. A President should not dismiss those ideals because those who espoused those ideals weren’t able to perfectly adhere to those ideals(best line of Captain Higgins essay says just that only his is better). If that’s the case those who now hold power have no credibility at all as none of them are the paragons (except in their own polluted minds) you obviously have to be, otherwise your ideas are not valid. They do not get to choose what standards to which they are held. If they make it a standard for you they must think it important and thus must be subject themselves. Anything else is dishonesty.

    The philosophy of a President should be the protection of God given rights of free expression, consort, commerce, conscience and last but not least self- protection from any and all who would deny them. This is accomplished by opposing laws that look to denigrate these rights, to opposing groups that would impose special considerations to the detriment and disparagement of the rights of a vast majority of people. The President should be tolerant but not to the point where the will of a militant minority gets to dictate special conditions to the majority.

    Does Captain Higgins essay fit into this paradigm? In a loose sense it does. He is a little naïve as to the extent the rot has affected the foundations of the country. He thinks that the force of reason and kumbaya will help us with the internal divisions we face. This is not viable as far too many believe this country was conceived in sin and is the focus of evil in the world including one major political party, half of the other that accepts the premise and argues that way in a yes but farce of an opposition, the media the culture, academia, the governmental bureaucracy and the stupefied peons who vote to keep these grifters in place because of revenge or the promise of “free stuff” or both.

    He certainly has it nailed when he talks about a self- serving, self- referential elite that has successfully convinced an ignorant citizenry that the politicians best interests and the country’s best interest are one in the same.

    The real question is what to do?

    Part of the reason certain actions aren’t taken is we may find out that we are in fact in the minority. Then what? We are afraid that the country we thought we had has been fully degraded into a greedy, vengeful, hate based, balkanized banana republic with nukes. Too many people think of government as a benefactor, never noticing the shackle that has been affixed to their ankle.

    Higgins appears to be a man of character as opposed to a man (or woman) who is a character and just on that basis he would be a big step up in quality. But we also need cleared eyed reasoning with an eye on the goal of restoring this country to a self- sufficient, prudent land where what you know and how well you apply it in benefit to your fellow man is rewarded more handsomely than knowing what petty or not so petty bureaucrat’s palm to grease to get a shot at the government trough and success.

    Be that as it may he would certainly be a better choice than any of the three stooges left vying for the post.

    But back to the philosophy of a President

    The philosophy of a President should be to restore the simplicity of inputs and outputs without regards to some third party passing judgement on whether they think it’s fair as opposed to the parties involved. Trust in individual initiative and judgement not a maternalistic Munchhausen syndrome made this country great. It is the win-win consensual society and we need to return to it. In that society each has his rights and each has his responsibilities.

    The premise being; you are equal before the law. This is the only possible “equality” in that material equality is not just impossible but the pursuit of which is the foundation of the death of over 100 million people and the immiseration of billions even now.

    The philosophy of a President most importantly should be that which is governed best is governed least. This can at least be started by rescinding any and all executive branch orders and regulations which purport to change the basic relationship between citizen and government. Then the bully pulpit and the fact that the President is the representative of all the people should be used to lobby for legislation that sets up special privileges for the plethora of grievance groups and special pleaders to be rescinded. This business of “equality uber alles” sets up an intrusive entity that claims the “moral high ground” any time some natural difference leads to “inequality”. It is used to justify all kinds of evil dressed up as “good intentions”.

    Again the evidence of millions killed and billions impoverished in the name of “equality” can’t be ignored.

    I return you to your previously scheduled program already in progress.

  11. 05/23/2016 00:41

    I noted no “pet group” in his statement.

  12. 05/23/2016 15:51

    You are correct he did not.

    Obviously, I garbled the message I intended to convey. The bulk of that rambling discourse was an attempt to define what a good philosophy would be for a President. It was not intended as a criticism of what the good Captain said in his video.

  13. 05/24/2016 01:33

    I do understand, my friend. Brilliance comes with a price, and sometimes that price is potential confusion in others.

  14. 05/24/2016 10:53

    Interesting. And when you think of it, what you need in a President is more business knowledge than political. Screw politics, make this work.

  15. upaces88 permalink
    05/24/2016 17:02

    What irritates the dickin’s ouuta me is when someone says, “He isn’t PRESIDENTIAL ENOUGH.”
    Whut?! We NEVER want a “politician!” We want a POTUS who understands what we do and do not want?
    No Muslims in this country (My words NONE!!)
    Texas Governor Abbott (sp? LOL)…It is a felony to house and give Illegals a job.
    Stop the damn spending;
    Get out having everything made in China, India, and Mexico.

  16. upaces88 permalink
    05/24/2016 17:54

    WE have been living in a nightmare for a very long time. Reagan was an actor…and a man who loved this country; and that I know of, liked him too.

  17. 05/25/2016 00:28

    Since Reagan, dear, since Reagan.

  18. 05/25/2016 00:28

    Yes. I like it.

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