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Let me explain the why of the last two posts


And it can all be done with rhetorical questions.

What was the last thing we won? I mean, after years of conflict, 10s, 100s, of thousands of deaths on both sides. Have we done that since? How did we win that last big thing?

Our current enemy puts bombs on their own children to walk them amongst our people and then blows them up, not all of them, but enough. They strap on bombs of their own, and blow themselves up in the middle of market places, killing men women and children indiscriminately, to strike fear into our hearts so we will leave them. From there, they will come here. Not all of them, but enough.

How do we strike that fear into their hearts, so that they will leave us alone? We don’t want to possess their countries. We didn’t go there to conquer them, but they want to conquer us. Their “holy book” tells them to behead the infidel, to force their religion on all others or kill them if they won’t convert.

I, on the other hand, do not give a flying fuck what G/god/s/ess/esses you want to believe in or how you want to worship it/them, so long as you don’t try to force me to do it your way through fear.

I’ve said before, I am a pragmatist. I’ve also said those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. And we all know about the Stockholm Syndrome. I don’t want to force my eclectic beliefs on them, and I damn sure don’t want them to force their Satan worship on me. You do your thing, I’ll do mine, and if somehow we come together it’s beautiful.

You’ve got those who say not all of them are like that. Fine. If there are more that don’t than do, control the “radical” ones. If not, get ready to meet your true fate.

The last thing we decisively won was through massive destruction. By not using the fear that we will do it again if you don’t leave us alone, everything since 1945 has been our loss. We piss away billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives, we lose the finest of our people and tuck our tails and run.

Do I want it? No. Is it necessary? It would appear so. That has been what was on my mind.

I’ve seen it, it is ugly, I don’t want to see it again. But if I must, then so be it.

  1. 05/28/2016 19:38

    Sorry about your … mood? Is that a fair word?

    But I’ve been there (I believe) for some time now.

    The parallels between pre-WW2 society, government, economies (for instance) and the present are inescapable (allowing for context and equivalence). And those parallels have allowed the same “kinds” of attitudes and behaviors to flourish today that existed (and were clung to) then.

    I’m seriously afraid that not only is another “war” – your “massive destruction” reference – inevitable, but that it is actually necessary (even essential) for the survival of the species.

    That’s an ugly thing.

    But where is it said that existence is supposed to be pretty? The fact is, “life” is ugly, predatory, and merciless, and only the tough survive. We humans are not “special snowflakes”, and any human society that allows – even coddles – the existence of such specimens is doomed, IMHO.

    I’m not saying this well, but I did get to vent a little.

  2. 05/29/2016 05:42

    I understand your concern and agree 100%. America is prevented from winning against foreign enemies because way too many domestic enemies believe America is evil because imperfect men could not live up perfectly to their own set ideals.

    Their mindset is because we are not perfect we have no business defending ourselves let alone trying to spread (by word and deed)a better way of organizing human affairs. They see themselves as avatars of a superior breed of human who somehow have transcended us mere mortals and should dictate things. Of course what they do not acknowledge it is just this way of thinking that has caused all the situations that we end having to address in one way or another.

    This type of person has infested our politics, our schools and our media. They make harebrained decisions that lead to even bigger fiascoes. They do not learn from what’s worked and does but what allows them to feel virtuous.

    I know everyone here has read Victor Davis Hanson. One of his favorite hobby horses is the “American Way of War: as it was developed by Grant and Sherman i.e. The concept of total war.

    It was primarily Sherman who practiced it on his famous rampage across the south. He understood that wars are one by breaking the will of those who most fervently support it. He understood that the biggest zealot were those ensconced safely behind the lines. So he brought the horrors to them. When those horrors were presented up close the will to continue was broken.

    To the ignorati malum this seems like barbarism so they clutch their pearls and undermine this way of doing things in the name of “civilization”or “concern for the troops” or the all purpose shield, the “children”.

    These are just poses as the ignorati mallum never present these concerns to our enemies who start these brawls. They are always able dig up a “legitimate grievance” for bad actors which “co-incidentally” hew closely to the list of horribles that the ignorati malum have concocted as uniquely American sins. The biggest sin of course being not listening their soul crushing, poverty inducing advice. No we are supposed to suffer any and all outrages at the hands of actors who commit anti-civilizational felonies because we have committed crimes against the sensibilities of the ignorati malum’s preferred paradigm. For a group that purports to have non judgmentalism as cornerstone virtue they sure have a lot of conditions to impose on everyone. Of course they are never to judged by those same markers.

    But of course they are not anti-war per se as they have no problem with seeing Americans dead at the hands of whatever -ism is ascendant on any particular day. They have a problem with us actually putting and end to it. So in their “non-judgemental” way they impose rules and impediments that will increase the American costs and make it easier for their real allies to prevail. There circumscription of some of our tactics has nothing to do with “humanity” or “civilization”.

    This is their warped version of “fairness” that because we are so far and above any other nation economically, morally and militarily that if were allowed to use the American way of war it would be over way too quickly so they could not use every fallen soldier and every dead child as a prop for their faux morality.

    I say faux morality for this reason. War is a “game” of numbers and will. The most moral course is to engage in strategy that kills the minimum number of people while ending the conflict once and for all. This, as is known here, is the object of total war. The sooner the enemies will is broken the sooner the war ends the fewer people overall will die. It also has the added side effect of heading off wars because of the overwhelming nature of the violence.

    But the way the ignorati malum forces us prosecute wars will not end war but create perpetual war. Of course this suits their purpose as their goal is to undermine societies by over-hyping every little misstep into a war crime and thus creating a crisis of legitimacy. Our misdemeanors are perversely held up as worse than our enemies felonies. This is how they break our will and create dissension. We need to dismiss these anti-human monsters.

    This is why we do not win anymore.

    We have an enemy within, including now in the Oval Office, who are and have been on the side of those who cannot abide a people who are successful without the input of our self proclaimed elite. They seek to amplify our every failure to achieve perfection as morally reprehensible while they forgive themselves for their own overt acts of depravity and the death and destitution their organizing principles inflict because in their mind their “intentions were good”(as if enslaving people is good). They are all disciples of some form of “Critical Theory”. They do not debate better solutions they just slander the current orthodoxy to the point it becomes anathema in the eyes of the public. This is the tool of nihilism which is not progressive but seeks to impose a feudal order on a world wide basis.

    To put it simply we are losing because we are fighting the wrong battle. We need to turn to those who dishonestly denigrate America and its values and way of doing things and slap them down as the reactionary reprobates that they are. We need to point out what they would chose as a more “humane” way of doing things as the social, intellectual and economic failure they are. We need to point out that it is failing in multiple ways on multiple continents in all its iterations from the economic Marxism in Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea to the cultural Marxism(which gives life to “cultural relativism”) and welfare state socialism we see destroying Europe and here.

    This country is the last best hope. But we have met the enemy and they pretend to be Americans.

  3. 05/29/2016 09:35

    The ideas of this nation are good. The only thing is that “they” aren’t even trying to practice them. “They” are practicing that very thing we overthrew to become this nation.

  4. 05/29/2016 09:36

    It is ugly, and it will be even uglier, but it seems it must be to come out the other side.

  5. Wolfplus3 permalink
    05/30/2016 18:19

    That’s a harsh, brutal and absolutely true observation. Too bad more will have to die to nail it home once more. I will never be ready for it, but I am prepared.

  6. 05/30/2016 23:34

    Ah well, what must be must be. Shame, that. Why can’t people just wake the fuck up to the reality of it all?

  7. 05/31/2016 10:50

    ” Why can’t people just wake the fuck up to the reality of it all? ”

    Because reality can be an extremely ugly thing – especially if ones preconceptions and world view (really the same thing) have been bred, honed, and reinforced from birth with nothing but misinformation.

  8. 06/01/2016 02:27

    Yes, reality sucks. Indeed. It’s all in how you deal with same.

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