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You want me to link serious?


I’ve reached a point of anger where I’m afraid to say what’s truly on my mind. We have Big Brother, we have our own Gestapo, and I need to control what I say to be able to say anything at all. Sick, huh? Try this one though, pretty good:

Orrr, think of this:

  1. upaces88 permalink
    06/14/2016 00:50

    HE WILL do as he said!!!

  2. 06/14/2016 06:18

    I tend to think so. The Donald isn’t your typical politician.

  3. 06/16/2016 13:22

    Couple of points:

    I notice that some MSM outlets are trumpeting (excuse pun) that Trump is “willing to negotiate” about gun control and no-fly lists. This is NOT what he said. He said he would “discuss it with the NRA (yay!) and see what they say”.

    We know what the NRA will say – that restricting a RIGHT without TRANSPARENT due process (and opportunity for redress) is a violation of other RIGHTS. I’m not worried about The Donald on this issue.

    Cmblake6 – why are you “afraid to say what’s truly on (your) mind”? Note that A) if the Constitution and Bill of Rights continue to stand, you’re not in peril, and B) if they do NOT stand, then you (and me, and a lot of regular commenters here and elsewhere) are screwed anyway.

    I personally will go on record that – at age 63, in a generally retired-and-don’t-give-a-shit frame of mind – the 2nd Amendment is one I will bleed and die supporting.

    Want my firearms? Come get them. I’ll be happy to turn them over to The Man – AMMO FIRST, OF COURSE.

  4. 06/17/2016 19:39

    Did I phrase that too aggressively? Sorry …

  5. 06/18/2016 06:00

    The cynicism of the government has reached an absurd level. A level where they will throw one of their constituencies under the bus to cover for another. Of course they throw the non reproducing element away as they at least have an elementary grasp of arithmetic.

    The muslim sympathizer in chief again gets up and blames Americans for the acts of a depraved death cult. He has time and again stepped up and defended this savage ideology and perversely equated its atrocities with the rest of the worlds misdemeanors. He is on the other side. No more evidence needs to gathered.

    This is what !Trump! needs to beat home every day. He needs to tie that reckless cunt Hillary to the same mindset. He may have said that in his remarks but I have no patience to sit through 36 minutes of !Trump’s! goombah New York accent(see my current avatar).

    The dye is cast. The joint chiefs of staff took an oath. They need to live up to it. Obama has serially violated the law of the land and is openly facilitating an invasion. His junta has made it a virtual death sentence to report these animals.

    Trump needs to openly back prosecuting all who have aided and abetted this coup against the American people.

    The gloves need to come off. Yesterday.

    B) if they do NOT stand, then you (and me, and a lot of regular commenters here and elsewhere) are screwed anyway.

    This is true. And like you I care not anymore. I have become a second class citizen in an increasingly hostile, negative image aparheit, third world shit hole run by a barbarian,anti-American dirt bag where the most likely successor is an entitled, traitorous, douche bag dementia patient, cunt.

    They know where to find me.

  6. 06/18/2016 06:18

    “I’ve reached a point of anger where I’m afraid to say what’s truly on my mind”

    Understood. Stating actual remedies for the disease that ails us has potential negative consequences. Diagnosing not so much. So in retrospect I am walking back the previous statement a little. While I will not temper my words to describe the enemy what solutions I may think effective will remain unstated.

    They still know where to find me.

    However if Iran set off a nuke in DC would anyone(except vile leftist traitors) shed anything but crocodile tears while the military lights up Teheran.

    Their treachery is driving the narrative. The complicity of the governments other party has created the despair of not being able to solve this peacefully. Codevilla had it right. We have come to the crossroads.

    God help us all.

  7. upaces88 permalink
    06/19/2016 01:09

    Sadly, I totally understand where you re coming from. We are all in this together watching day-by-day the damage that he perpetrated upon our Counry.

  8. 06/19/2016 04:31

    Via PJ Media

    Gotta love the SEALS. Tough and to the point.

    This guy bitch slaps the mewling elite of the Douchebag Party and leaves ’em for dead.

    He actually gives me hope that when the shit hits the fan the guys who actually know how to do will be with us.

    Happy Father’s day to all the guys who are such. You are the backbone that creates guys like Dom Raso.

  9. 06/19/2016 06:26

    If you will indulge me for a couple of minutes

    Sent to Pat Toomey, Senator, Pennsylvania.

    Here we stand again.
    Another mass murder and the Party of Death(“democrats” , their allies and epigones in the culture and the “permanent government) stands ghoulishly gleeful at the prospect of using this atrocity committed by an Islamic terrorist to deprive Americans of their natural right to defend themselves.

    The latest gambit is to use a list that is prepared arbitrarily, to deny the rights of citizens of the United States to own a firearm for their self-protection. Not withstanding that this list would not have stopped neither of the last two atrocities. In fact, law enforcement was either precluded by law or because of the top down farce that requires government employees (including you) to internalize the obvious official lie that “Islam is a religion of peace”(note Islamic heretics may be peaceful, but if they go strictly by the Koran…) from investigating the perpetrators and keeping an eye on them. This is a pretext to disarm the American populace.
    They could care less about Islamic terrorism as most of these hateful harpies think we deserve it. I don’t think I have to tell you who they would think is a terrorist and that is any who oppose their dismantling of the constitution so they can impose their will upon us. My rights are given by God not by a despicable power mongering cabal in Washington DC. It is I who determine what is adequate for my own defense and since the courts have absolved government of the duty to protect it is the height of depravity to disallow me the right to defend myself with whatever tools I feel are adequate.

    The measure under consideration is completely unconstitutional and you know it. There is no way I will allow my fate and my rights to be abrogated by a faceless bureaucrat with an agenda. After the IRS fiasco, for which no one, STILL, has been held responsible the idea that you would use some arbitrary ruling by the Party of Death’s army of governmental bureaucrats makes me wonder if you are fit to continue as my senator. Funny how the voluntary association with the NRA, a Christian church, the Tea Party or the US military sends the bureaucracy into a tizzy issuing ridiculous warnings but tying someone to a radical mosque is “hateful” and “Islamophobia”. Hypocrisy and Islamophobanoia are the coin of the realm for the Party of Death and their minions. So is brazen dishonesty.

    It’s appalling that a murderer invoking an ideology correctly (just read their book) is not representative of the whole but that same person who uses a God given right incorrectly is enough to eviscerate the rights of people who are in opposition to the murderer’s ideology. Talk about letting the enemy dictate terms but acolytes of the Party of Death gladly buy into this. Makes one wonder doesn’t it. They support the Iranians getting nukes but oppose American citizen being armed with anything more powerful than a slingshot. By the way Senator Toomey you signed on to the travesty that was the Corker Bill didn’t you.

    Our rights are being eroded by people like Senator Casey and his party daily as they steal our sustenance and slander our very being. The fact he and his allies grotesquely use the act of a depraved enemy of what America stands for to punish law abiding Americans is an obscenity. The fact that they call an Islamic murderer who is animated by a foreign ideology “home grown” is a gross lie. But liars gotta lie don’t they. It’s long past time to call out your colleague on his duplicity.

    You are on notice.

    I would never vote for less than zero vacuous hacks like Bob Casey or Katy McGinty and contacting those two fascist thugs is a waste of time and pixels however you can lose my vote by not standing up for the rights of law abiding Americans in favor of protecting the politically correct lie that Islam will ever co-exist under the constitution. Places where Muslims have become a significant minority i.e Europe are giving us previews of what to expect. It is a political ideology in much the same way the Church of State, championed by the Party of Death, is. It needs to be opposed and right now Senator Toomey you are not impressing me.

    Thank you for the forum.

  10. 06/20/2016 23:34

    Thank YOU for your ability to light them up!

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