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Whiny mudslime bitch


  1. 06/26/2016 15:53

    He and that shrill harridan can’t mention the enemy because we are their enemy. So announcing you are an enemy of the American people doesn’t help your chance at being elected by…you know…Americans.

    They aren’t dense they are on the side of the Islamists and other third world hordes that seek to suck out our life’s blood or just kill us straight away.

    They have no problem calling you and me enemy but they will not identify the enemy of the American people because then we could measure just how treacherous they have been in not only ignoring them but facilitating their war against us.

    Strategic clarity is a must so that subordinates know how and who to act against. By leaving it ambiguous or implying its something else is a sure way to lose. But since that is Obama and the fetid cunt from Chappaqua’s goal of course they will it even take the fundamental step of clearly identifying America’s enemy.

    But of course to an Islamist terrorist sympathizers like Obama and his henchmen they see the enemy of their enemy as their friend.

  2. 06/26/2016 23:24

    Beautifully said.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    06/28/2016 04:42

    Attacks since 9/11:
    ​Islamic Terrorists Have Carried Out more than 28,386 Deadly Terror Attacks Since 9/11
    Jihad Report Last 30 Days
    Attacks 179
    Killed 1496
    Injured 2154
    Suicide Blasts 35
    Countries 23

    Weekly Report May 07, 2016 thru May 13, 2016
    Attacks 42
    Killed 433
    Injured 454
    Suicide Blasts 15
    Countries 16

    Yet, the Huffington Post article has the audacity to blame Islamophobic Christians for the worldwide conflict between Muslims and Infidels. reports the following regarding this issue:

  4. 06/28/2016 06:31

    HuffPo, I must suppose, presumes that the Christians are at fault for existing. They don’t seem to see that these brain boiled creatures kill each other if we’re not around.

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