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Damnit, bust this bitch


Hitlery, I most definitely mean:

Put it in the chair, and I don’t mean the Oval Office one.

  1. 06/30/2016 15:59

    Then of course dirt bag Bill adds his special brand of slime to the proceedings.

    These vermin and all their toadies belong in Guantanamo for their perpetrating what amounts to a coup against the established governing precepts of the country.

    They are waging war against us. This dirt cunt needs the political equivalent of Massengill’s.

    Jeanine puts way too much faith in Comey. He is a creature of Washington. The predicate of the crime was established long ago. Possession of the documents. The predicate of the crime of conspiracy was established once they revealed the e-mail that she was denied permission to use that server. Compounded with the e-mail that she wanted to keep her personal stuff out of view while USING GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. By now they have resurrected the other 30K e-mails she thought she deleted and have her on obstruction of justice.

    The recommendation for indictment should be coming fast and furious. And also for Operation Fast and Furious. Too much depends on whether Comey sees this as his last job and thus doesn’t need his integrity anymore.

  2. 06/30/2016 23:19

    Fry the bitch, extra crispy.

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