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From Dr. Jeff, some chilling shit


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I don’t think there is a living soul on the planet who hasn’t heard about the FBI statements on Hillary Clinton.

This looks like a plot line from “House of Cards”.  Nice drama, but I’d like it better as fiction, not the reality we have to live with.
I cannot even imagine any of the Liberals I know trusting Hillary Clinton at this point.  Given the available options, lot of people are going to have to make some really strange decisions between now and the November election.  Personally, I have serious doubts about Trump, but I also figure his ego would drive him to actually deliver on many of his better promises.  I am also very certain Hillary would be a disaster.

It’s too bad Bernie Sanders didn’t make it.  At least with him, you could have an honest difference of opinion.  He actually believes in what he says and is personally fairly honest.

There are  many anti Hillary memes around the internet.  As much as I enjoy them, I also know that many of them aren’t true or are gross exaggerations.  There are some exceptions.

This one I have checked and it is accurate according to an ABC News story from 2014 as well as a complete audio recording of Hillary laughing about the case.  It’s about 6 minutes long, no funny cuts.  I found her laughter when discussing the polygraph especially chilling.  She actually enjoys talking about how she got a violent child rapist off with two months time served while awaiting trial.

Links to originals, including the actual recorded interview below.

Scroll down to the bottom of this one, that’s where you’ll find the audio.  The article is good, but the actual audio is more important.

If this isn’t enough, do a search on the name:  Thomas Alfred Taylor.  Some of what you will find is a real jaw dropper, especially what you’ll find at extreme Liberal websites such as Daily Kos.


  1. 07/08/2016 09:33

    The “woman” is orders of magnitude beyond vile.

    The cabal she is part of is orders of magnitude beyond corrupt.

  2. 07/08/2016 13:46

    I’m sure “the force” exists. They are Sith.

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