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If not tonight, tomorrow


My plan is to search up the “mass shootings” and general firearm violence and post on that, by POTUS, and by party in power. We know that they want us disarmed, and we know what false flags are, and why they do them.

Reichstag sound familiar?

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/12/2016 15:52

    Long live Marinus Van Der Lubbe!

  2. 07/12/2016 23:52

    I am a proud member of the Marinus van der Lubbe International Fire Bombing Society!

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/13/2016 01:14

    LOL another follower of Franklin, Freddie and Phineas.

    More fun anyway.

    False flags, real flags, Russia’s Baltic Fleet, China’s islands, BLM, the world’s an effing mess, we need some relief.

  4. upaces88 permalink
    07/13/2016 02:32

    Great Chris!!

  5. 07/13/2016 07:20

    Let us see what this exposes.

  6. 07/13/2016 07:20

    Agreed, Jeff.

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