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The subject of what and whom


This one is from CNN. And there is one VERY interesting factor admitted within it:

Regardless, the three deadliest shootings in the U.S. have occurred in the past 10 years

The Orlando attack was by far the deadliest shooting in U.S. history (49 killed), and it is not even 10 years removed from the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre (32 killed), and the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting (27 killed). In fact, of the 30 deadliest shootings in the U.S. dating back to 1949, 16 have occurred in the last 10 years.
Okay, this was just mass shootings. What about things other than shootings? Oh, you know, about the only thing I can find is shootings. They don’t seem to want to put up much on truck bombs, or driving into crowds in a large vehicle, or at least not on the front pages. I’ll keep looking.
This one is interesting! You might want to check the statistics and locations. It only goes to 2012, but it’s an indicator.
And I think you’ll probably like this one. And then I found this one. This one quite disproves the misleading propaganda from our own demoncrap fanatics. And you are going to have to study the values in there. Again, this one is just about shootings, but it falls into a gutting of the numbers by one small values application:
I’m going to stop now, I forgot to load my pill dispenser last night, and this is driving me nuts by it’s exclusivity on types of homicides OTHER than firearm.But I know I’ve got some dedicated readers who can fill in these blanks.
One point I will make. All the shootings pale in comparison to airplanes and truck bombs.
  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/14/2016 04:26

    What’s most interesting is the rate of occurrence. The real bad stuff started when the Dems took over Congress and seems to have gotten worse since Obama.

    Policies that damage our society have one result – destruction.

    Some Lib writer came up with his own research and said that Obama has always been a strong supporter of the police and hasn’t bad mouthed them.

    He barely touched on Obama bad mouthing the cops after the business with the mouthy Black Professor followed by the Beer Summit. Almost the first words out of his mouth were a shot at the cops. Yeah, we know what happened and we know why it happened. Obama’s remarks on Trayvon Martin technically weren’t about the police, but they sure covered similar territory.

    He actually could have been a real President, helping to heal the old wounds, instead he helped rip them open again.

  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/14/2016 04:42

    If you want to criticize the cops, here’s one from the New York Times about the murder of Dylan Noble. There are two videos. The smaller one was taken by a bystander. It shows Noble after he’d been shot the first two times, lieing on the ground, trying to raise his hands as ordered and the cops shot him 3 more times, including near point blank with a 12 gauge.

    The main one is from the police body cams. They’re pretty detailed. In the beginning, you can see the cop driving already has his gun in his hand and is pointing it at Noble’s truck through the windshield of the cop car. He’s not just holding the gun ready, he’s aiming it, while he’s driving, long before there was any indication that Noble was doing anything other than taking a minute to pull over. When he did pull over, it was into a big parking lot with lots of space and witnesses.

    Noble was being mouthy and didn’t always follow the cops orders, but what I saw was a messed up guy acting weird, who wasn’t a threat to anyone.

    It was almost two weeks before this shooting hit the news. The reason no one cared, Dylan Noble is White. The Times actually covers it all very well.

    Black folks may be getting shot at a higher rate than White folks, but the truth is there are some trigger happy cops around. Actually not a lot of them, but enough to make me nervous.

    I can’t forget Dallas and the more recent attacks on cops either. We got some sick shit on our streets.

  3. 07/14/2016 12:01

    Superb find, brother. Keep on keeping on!

  4. 07/14/2016 12:02

    That is precisely the end I was coming to. You got it, let’s see how many more see this and comment.

  5. 07/16/2016 04:30

    “Black folks may be getting shot at a higher rate than White folks, but the truth is there are some trigger happy cops around. Actually not a lot of them, but enough to make me nervous”.

    Here is an article from Powerline which refutes, somewhat, this particular claim.

    From the executive summary of the study cited in the article.

    Adding controls that account for important context and civilian behavior reduces, but cannot fully explain, these disparities. On the most extreme use of force – officer-involved shootings – we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account.

    And the guy is from Hahvahd. So you know his conclusions must be valid.

  6. 07/16/2016 04:52

    You want questionable police shootings here is one that happened a few months after the Walter Scott killing.

    Zacahry Hammond

    On July 26, Hammond was driving through the back parking lot of a Hardee’s fast-foot restaurant in Seneca, which sits 40 miles from Greenville near the North Carolina border, when he was stopped by two police officers as part of a drug sting.

    The officers were targeting Hammond’s passenger, a 23-year-old woman.

    Bland said Hammond slowed the car and reached to the floor, where his car’s gear shift was located, in order to put the vehicle in park. At that point, Bland said, someone shouted that Hammond had a gun.

    It is not clear who shouted. But the uniformed police officer at the scene, who has not been identified, shot Hammond twice.

    Mheh. Much less happening than in any of the other “victims” cases who are a cause celebre I would say.

    And of course in relation to your original premise of mass murder you can’t beat the religion of pieces who since your posting this article have struck again in France. I wonder if they tried to avoid people of color so as not to confuse the press as to their motives. Millions murdered in the name of their deity with no end in sight.

  7. 07/16/2016 04:53


    Ooops. Forgot to close the block quote after “shot Hammond twice.”

  8. 07/16/2016 06:24

    All cool, I fix.

  9. 07/16/2016 06:25

    Love it.

  10. 07/16/2016 06:26

    More white people get shot by cops than black, actually.

  11. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/16/2016 12:44

    Good point FX. Check the pedigree on the author of the Harvard article. He’s interesting, trust me on that one.

  12. 07/16/2016 22:56

    Many of them are.

  13. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/16/2016 23:18

    Start Here:

    Lots of good detail from the NY Times. Blacks ARE more likely to be stopped and worked over by cops, but Whites are slightly more likely to be shot than Blacks once they’ve been stopped.

  14. 07/17/2016 04:42

    Dr Jeff says

    “Check the pedigree on the author of the Harvard article. He’s interesting, trust me on that one.”

    Yeah, I had never heard of him before this. I found out later(after you said the above) that he is black. How soon before the left starts calling this man an uncle Tom? The left is in the same bind with Hahvahd as the republicans are with Comey. They spent years building this place up how do you now discredit it as a hack institution?

    And of course the NY Times subtlety throughout the article tries to keep you from coming to the same conclusion as Fryer did. Of course the NY Times is the same paper that thinks that a self selected study of three campuses of indoctrinated beta males who accepted the “study” premise that an unwanted glance is sexual assault as dispositive of a “rape culture” on college campuses.

    It does not matter what the facts are the left has its narrative and they’re sticking to it.

  15. 07/17/2016 06:30

    They are indeed our bane.

  16. 07/17/2016 06:32

    Slightly? 50% is the rate as I recall from the chart I saw.

  17. 07/17/2016 07:46

    Some more interesting information on this subject.

    From the article.

    As for police who do kill their assailants, according to Bureau of Justice Statistics, the rate of black officers who kill black offenders is 32 per 100,000 black officers, which is more than twice the rate of white officers who kill black offenders — 14 per 100,000 white officers.

    So whats the excuse for this? Self hating blacks?

  18. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/17/2016 12:19

    Dig farther into Fryer’s history, he’s not only Black, he’s from the Hood. He’s also intelligent, courageous and honest. He has managed to speak the truth when all around him have tried to bury it. We need a million more like him.

    More immediately important is the latest news of cop killings in Baton Rouge. Obama’s racial policies are ruining our country and may be about to trigger off a race war.

  19. 07/17/2016 14:39

    “We need a million more like him.”

    Yes we do. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams,Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, Booker T Washington, Frederick Douglas are the prototypes. The fact that a kid from the ‘hood (which BTW describe Sowell(Harlem), Williams(N. Philadelphia), Carson(Detroit) and Thomas(Jim Crow South) from a decidedly worse and legally ensconced racism) doea give hope that they can be taught the wisdom of getting an education and being civilized instead of feral.

    Too bad they keep on producing intellectual and moral frauds like Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Ta-Nehisis Coates and Cornell West who sell them a bill of goods that they are going to make white men who have nothing to do with their history or even their present hand over their earnings to them.

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