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Remember way back when


When I put up some stuff about distilling/moonshining? Well, I went over this morning and was stunned by how much better their site has gotten!

Why would one think of this? SHTF, you may need to provide:

Here are 3 excellent reasons, to name a few: distilled spirits, fuel alcohol, and antiseptic. These goods would be highly valuable during a SHTF event (where there is a total breakdown of supply chains, government oversight, etc.) and can all be easily manufactured with simple, small-scale distillation equipment. As a bonus, all of these goods would be highly desirable in a barter economy.

Simple enough answer? This site has indeed much improved, and I found it far more fascinating today. You may want to check it out. You never know, 1, and 2 you are in control of quality and quantity, types and use.

So I did a bit more surfing, and I found this:

Depending on where you live, and what your finances look like, this might be just as good or better:

Eleven years ago, because my American job was outsourced to Mexico, I started Mile Hi Distilling. Ever since I opened the doors to this company it has been my commitment to provide quality, American made moonshine distillers, at a fair price. I know what it’s like to have your job outsourced for cheap labor, which results in cheap products. Recently several of my competitors have begun selling moonshine still towers that are made in China. These towers are adequate in construction and will do a decent job of distilling, but they are not the quality, USA made, stainless steel used in our handcrafted Mile Hi towers.

This fella has some good equipment, from the look of it. He even sells the cheaper Chinese knock-offs for you to get your foot in the door, and he’s straight up about it. He even has this really cool thing from New Zealand! Inexpensive, and stupid easy to use.


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