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As to that thought about the 2A


It really couldn’t be much simpler. During the 1st Congress, when the actual Constitution was written, some of the Founders insisted on the Ten Amendments to guarantee FREEDOM, and seriously limit the powers of said Fed.

Why? We had just gotten done with a war to eliminate a tyrannical government/king not that long ago. The Constitution itself  stated those things which the government must do, but it said nothing really about limiting those powers from expanding. Even then, EVEN THEN, there were those who didn’t want those limitations. They wanted the ability to grow and develop more power over the people of the new United States. But there were those who wanted to maintain this new found freedom, and there were enough to push through these limitations on the government.

Not, mind you, that there have not always been those who have slid in laws and so forth that have enabled their growth. And oppression of the people.

The 1st Amendment, freedom of speech and religion, was to enable the people to know what was going on so they could raise electoral hell with their representatives. Tell the fed what WTP wanted as a whole, and vote them out if need be.

The 2nd Amendment was immediately after the 1st as a warning that “If you don’t listen, we can reset this whole mess. Tread carefully, bitches”, or much to that effect.

From there we go to the realization that that whole 1776 thing pretty much got started by a group of regular citizens who got together to fight for their freedom. The King’s men came to take away the fighting tools of said people, and said people told them to go away in no uncertain terms. With said fighting tools.

Now, what kind of government would not think it was a good idea to disarm the public. Yes, that was a period, not a question mark. That is the simplicity of it. So obvious it is a statement not a question.

I heard another thing as well. RINOs (obviously) that have gone Clinton. I’ll get on that here in just a minute. Now, there may be exceptions, but anti-gun is near universal on the left. Those who have switched obviously (again) were never really on the right.

Let me use the search term Republicans saying they will vote Clinton. A few names, mostly the justification. Let me add to that term “Names of”. What came up was:

And you know exactly what will happen. What needs to be done is a purge of DC. Ballot box? God I hope so. Am I suggesting we use the Ultimate Constitutional Reset? I pray that not be necessary. But that’s why it’s there, and that’s why they are trying so hard to take away our ability to do it.

Get your ass to the polls. Shame we can’t vote multiple times like they do, but what we can do is outnumber the level of fraud you know they will try. The numbers need to be so big it strikes fear into their “hearts”. The voter ID thing would have helped a lot, but you notice the left wing courts have done everything to suppress that. Wait a damn minute. How do you cash that welfare check? How do you buy alcohol or cigarettes? Why would you be allowed to vote without the need for that same ID?

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    08/10/2016 14:11

    Add my name to the list of people who pray a 2nd Amendment based solution won’t be necessary. The national and international effects would be pretty bad.

    There’s an Englishman I correspond with and over there, they are absolutely terrified of what they are reading about both Hillary and Trump. I haven’t been able to reassure him of much beyond that American Conservatives still remember our WWII alliance when Brits and Yanks stormed Normandy side-by-side.

    I’m also finding it increasingly difficult to sort through the news and determine what is actually happening. The media spin meisters, including the ones on our side, are having a field day twisting every possible bit of news and making up blatant b.s. when it suits them.

    Even here in Los Angeles, there is a huge, mostly underground movement for Donald Trump, but you’d never know it from any news source. For easy example, my area is a solid, labor union based, Democrat stronghold, yet a few houses up from me is a Gadsden flag. A few other houses are flying American flags. Take your best guess what will happen in the end, I’m in the middle of it and there is very little I’m finding that is certain.

    Any ideas from the rest of the country?

  2. 08/11/2016 00:04

    I too hope it doesn’t go 2A, but I’ve been there before and I know how.

  3. the unit permalink
    08/12/2016 17:02

    Very good blog post. Been reading you a while, got link over at Bunker’s.
    Interesting that the war really started in the coming for the fighting tools.
    A interesting historical read about that when you have the time.

  4. 08/12/2016 22:20

    As I said with a period instead of a question mark, what kind of government would want to disarm their people.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    08/12/2016 22:39

    One that did not trust them, that believed it should control them.

    “For their own good you know.”

    Every one of us here values life as a free individual, warts and all. We do not like being told what to think.

    Sometimes we’re successful, sometimes we fall on our faces. I’ve done both and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  6. 08/12/2016 22:47


  7. the unit permalink
    08/13/2016 09:17

    We got democrats and RINO’s just living up to party principles i.e. Anita Dunn, former Obama debate coach, who named Mao as favorite political philosopher (and Mother Teresa ?).
    “Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.” – Mao Zedong
    Sorta anti-2nd. Amendment kinda like.

  8. 08/13/2016 20:38

    Ah yes, Mao Tse Tung. What a wonderful person he was. /sarc.

  9. Dr. Jeff permalink
    08/14/2016 03:23

    …and he also said: “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun.”

    Kind of an interesting dismissal of democracy as well as a chilling threat. It’s a two way threat though. Jefferson himself seemed to think that the government should be periodically dumped by armed revolutionaries.

  10. 08/14/2016 03:50


  11. 08/14/2016 05:43

    “The voter ID thing would have helped a lot, but you notice the left wing courts have done everything to suppress that. Wait a damn minute. How do you cash that welfare check? How do you buy alcohol or cigarettes? Why would you be allowed to vote without the need for that same ID?”

    Don’t have to tell you that their idea is to commit fraud early and often. Their arguments about access are disingenuous as you are correct; you cannot do anything, including get into the Democrat national convention without valid photo identification. The only reason one cannot get valid ID in this country is because they don’t belong here in the first place. It is deprivation of the rights of legal voters by government artifice.

    The “liberals” have no respect for property rights why would they be concerned for the property right intrinsic in your vote. What they have brought to freedom of association and your right to the value of your property they seek to do to your right to see your vote count.

    The solution isn’t political kids. Remember rounding up the Jews and putting the Japanese in internment camps were duly passed laws in their respective countries.

  12. 08/15/2016 00:26

    True that.As for the reference to Japanese internment, got any other ideas on that?

  13. Dr. Jeff permalink
    08/15/2016 00:30

    I know my history, that’s why I’m “concerned”.

  14. 08/15/2016 00:44

    The details of my post may have been a touch imperfect, but the point was made.

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