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Do I have any motorcycle enthusiasts in my readers?


New motor for HD! Fear not, it isn’t some form of Japanese in line thing, it’s an awesome new update!

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s big news. We’ve all learned the great names—Knucklehead, Pan, Shovel, Evolution, and Twin Cam—and now there’s a new one: “Milwaukee-Eight,” which tells us this new engine, like Harley’s legendary board-track racer of long ago, has eight valves.

Displacement is 107ci (1,750cc) or 114ci (1,870cc). The 2017 touring models get these engines first, but this is the Big Twin that will, no doubt, power Harley-Davidson’s future.

The article goes on for a while, but it covers a lot of specifics. And it sounds VERY sweet indeed. I love my 96 Evo, but if I was a wealthy man…

This as well:

Fine, fine, one more:


  1. 08/27/2016 11:12

    Sorry. I appreciate the engineering and styling, – that ride is lovely -but I’ll stick with my 2004 Kaw 800 Classic – it being an old man’s bike and me being an old man.
    Not important what you ride as long as you ride.
    Speaking of costs, have you priced a Jeep Wrangler lately? Almost 1 1/2 the cost of a loaded Harley. Cannot replace my 2006.

  2. 08/27/2016 22:09

    As you said, so long as you ride. As for a new 4 wheeler? I’ve got a ’91 Ford Explorer. I like it. I have my reservation in on an Elio, if they ever make it to the street. I really hope it does, simply because it IS different.

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