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“Alt-right”? Really? How about True Conservative American


This is my comment from the latest Day By Day cartoon:

Alt-right. I suppose, in the “broad spectrum”, I fall within that description. I am an AMERICAN, first and foremost. As, it would appear, is almost every single body here. Rather than go in and out of that article I suggest sitting with your cup of coffee and reading it. I’m more pissed off with all this welfareamnestyfreestuffdependency bullshit than you can imagine. If the voting restrictions were as they were during the founding of this nation, we wouldn’t have this crap near as deeply entrenched as it is. I’ve got a post simmering in my head related to this strip, when it reaches full boil I’ll write it. Sure, out of human decency, if someone falls and skins their knee you help them to their feet. You don’t put them on a stretcher and put them on life support until the day they die.

What were those voting restrictions I mentioned? You had to have some skin in the game before you could say shit, basically. Being a working property owner, for a start.

Within that original description fell the “white land owning male” description, which is a bit much. I see the decency and sense in a bit broader spectrum than what it has devolved into, which is, hell, the left is trying to allow illegal aliens the right to vote! Now, what are that sort going to vote for?

How about this, no access to the public trough unless you contribute to it? That would be you are a working, tax paying, AMERICAN CITIZEN. Doesn’t matter your sex, race, religion, just that you’re not voting yourself access to the public trough having not contributed anything into it.

There’s more in my head that just isn’t rising to the surface at the moment, but it’s in the soup trying… More later, I’m sure.

  1. 09/04/2016 13:49

    I’m afraid it’s a lot of “allies” being shamed by leftist asshats to disown the unruly mob that actually wants the borders protected, the lawless ruling class jailed and the constitution enforced.

    What did the oh so mannered right think was going to happen when the powers that be started to tolerate racist murderers in our midst? Did they think people were going to by into the happy horseshit about “legitimate grievances” like they jam up the ass of the Israelis all the time to make excuses for the savages that assail them every day?

    Like Jonah Goldberg said to the psychotic left years ago after the Gabby Gifford shooting to hell with you. It is your mewling fecklessness and faux civility that has gotten us to this point . It is the resignation of these pussies when lawless cunts like Hillary and Obama get away with their shit that have created the back to the wall desperation that creates movements like the so called “alt-right”.

    Goldberg and his ilk accept their lot in life instead of actually, you know, trying to change it. He accepts the rigged game as the way things are. Its a shame Godlberg has succumbed to such puerile sophistry as our enemies assail us every day with the same vile slander. Now Jonah falls in with the elites with a fancy new way to scream “racist” without the attendant shame that anyone who can’t come to grips with why all our forbearance and his intellectual sanctimony has generated the worst political class since the Civil War.

    We have passed the point where the opposition should be thought of as acting in good faith; they have none, only malice toward any who might call them out on their fecklessness and malignancy.

  2. 09/04/2016 13:58

    Their entire purpose is to destroy all national pride and individual purpose. Orwell wasn’t wrong, just early.

  3. 09/04/2016 15:27

    Its the same old story, anything the left disapproves of is discredited the one time it goes bad meanwhile(see State’s rights) their preferred economic and social constructions fail every time they are tried and all you get are excuses and just the right people weren’t in charge. They fail to see that anything that has that exacting a tolerance just isn’t viable. A company that sells such products goes out of business.

    The left has been discredited along time ago. Conservatives years ago allowed the vermin to infiltrate our institutions while at the same becoming intellectually lazy. Their epigones now cover that failure by calling for a faux civility that is never returned; better dead than rude is their battle cry but all that gets you is a one way ticket to the GULAG.

    Meanwhile we have an “opposition” party that gives in at every inflection point. They hide behind the false premise that any opposition to the progressive paradigm is bad or racist as if the progressives aren’t marching us back to the feudalism there ideas most closely resemble. They cower before a media that if the shit ever hits the fan will be the first target.

    When reasonable ways of addressing problems is arrested that leaves only the unreasonably ways.

  4. 09/04/2016 15:58

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. Two things here.
    When civility fails…
    And, the definition of insanity…

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