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It’s serious, but it may be productive


This was posted a few days ago, linked over at DbD, I hadn’t seen it until this morning reading back a few strips. See what you think:

  1. 09/14/2016 16:49

    It’s intrepid reporting on ruling class shit heels like the cankled cunt from Chappaqua that got Ms Atkisson fired from CBS. Of course the President of CBS is the dirt bag brother of dirt bag traitor Ben Rhodes. You know him, Obama’s chief of lying to the American public. The guy who fooled the people most easily persuaded on Obama’s treachery vis a vis Iran.

    If James Comey actually were a man with integrity he would resign after seeing this as it establishes a shit ton of the intent that wasn’t need to prosecute this corrupt sow.

  2. 09/14/2016 22:39

    The more things change…

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