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Another reason to vote The Donald


Estate tax, death tax, whatever in the hell you want to call it. If you want to read the whole thing, click that. But to simply take the appropriate quote:

Donald Trump wants to completely repeal the federal estate tax. Hillary Clinton wants to raise it in two key ways. On this issue, their views could not be more opposite. Whether you call it an estate tax, a death tax, or a tax on accumulated wealth, it is controversial. It is entirely distinct from income tax. You pay income tax as you earn, but whatever you have left at your death, might be taxed again.

Presently, estates worth $5.45 million or less are exempt from federal estate tax. Beyond that dollar limit, the estate tax kicks in, generally requiring you to pay a tax of 40%. Clinton wants to raise that 40% tax rate to 45%. She also thinks the $5.45 million exemption threshold is too high. She would cut it materially so that more people have to pay estate tax, dropping the exemption amount from $5.45 million to $3.5 million.

What the fuck, over? What purpose is there to attempting to do well so you can pass it on to your children? Yes, I realize these numbers are kinda above most of our comprehension, but the fact remains that, if she would cut it that much lower, how low would she eventually go?

Vote for what you think is right, but VOTE!

  1. 09/22/2016 16:59

    Also understand that she can feed quite a few cronies with having more estate taxes filed as well.

    This creates the whole cottage industry of “estate” planning and puts money into lawyers(another Hillary! constituency) and insurance company pockets for fees to take advantage of testamentary trusts and basis step ups.

    You know who else likes the death tax? That fucking dishonest scumbag Warren Buffet who made a shit ton of money selling these types of insurance contract.

    The US tax code is an abomination of deceit and special carve outs for the connected. That cunt Hillary’s! delusion that Americans are that fucking preoccupied with whether Warren Buffet or Bill Gates can hand their wealth to their heirs tax free or not is her own psychosis and greed shining through.

    She truly is an evil, greedy bitch.

  2. 09/22/2016 22:58

    No shit. You want to know how to become that powerful? Be that sickly devoted to it.

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