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Crap. More money I’ve got to spend


Damn this has so many good points about it…

  1. Steamboat McGoo permalink
    09/24/2016 01:12

    OMG! That’s gorgeous!

  2. 09/24/2016 08:02

    I’m sure you’ve seen this one. Definitely funny. Hitler despairs.

    Chuck Norris rules!

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    09/24/2016 15:18


    For me, I’m happy with three of the old, Connecticut made High Standards.

    One Field King with integral muzzle brake, 1953
    One Dura Matic, 1955
    One Victor, 1977

    The Field King and Victor are both tack drivers. The Field King has virtually zero recoil, the Victor is just crazy accurate.

    I get a special kick out of the Dura Matic. It’s beat up and has some obviously bad repairs, so I bought it cheap, yet it’s almost as accurate as the Victor!

  4. 09/24/2016 23:21

    Some of the prizes one finds along the way. Really wish I hadn’t traded my old Mk 1 all those years back. I currently still have my old Single Six, and my Mk 3 22/45.

  5. 09/24/2016 23:21

    Love those things!

  6. 09/24/2016 23:22

    Oh yes, no doubt.

  7. upaces88 permalink
    09/26/2016 04:07

    Well, scrape it together and buy one just for you!

  8. 09/26/2016 08:13

    That thing is about too sweet, for sure!

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