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Things you should know


  1. 10/16/2016 05:16

    Bravo Mr !Trump!

    He capsulized everything in that clip that we have been saying here about the DNC/media/corporate/academia axis for years.This needs to be repeated ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    The charges now spewing forth were kept in reserve by the Hag from Hope as insurance in case Wikileaks had the goods.By the nature of them yammering about Russia and then trotting out these “victims” it should be dispositive that Wikileaks has the goods on this kvelling c**t. It is confirmation of her malignity, greed and deceit.

    The question now is will the sub-retarded electorate we find ourselves immersed in be able to think beyond their genitals and realize they are being sold into bondage by this nasty bint.

    God works in mysterious ways. Who would have thought He would leave us with !Trump! as a life preserver?

  2. 10/16/2016 09:35

    I never cease to be amazed at the stupidity of certain of the masses.

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