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Here’s part 4 of the series


And again, it’s stuff we already knew. At least they got proof of same. Now, if the FBI will just get off their asses and do their job:

Categories remain the same.

  1. 10/25/2016 13:57

    This appears to be Part 3, not part 4.

  2. 10/25/2016 22:16

    Looked a bit similar for sure. Most of it did seem the same didn’t it?

  3. upaces88 permalink
    10/26/2016 10:22

    Lately, there sure has been a LOT of “Error Messages” when I try to see a video on sites. After that, I have been going to You Tube so I can actually watch the video.

  4. 10/26/2016 23:23

    How many times have I said that? If you are having a problem, click the title spot. Mind you, it shouldn’t be doing that anyway!

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